First Quarter Taurus Moon: You and Your True Resources

FIRST QUARTER MOON at 15° Taurus – The waxing quarter Moon in Taurus brings evidence of where growth is happening in your life. This new information has you thinking about your security.


Jupiter is slowing down to retrograde on Sunday. In the next 4 months you’ll be reviewing your relationships. You may realize how your relationships and resources sustain you — or don’t.


The quarter moons are steps on your path. They offer clues to how to make the most of the pulse of the changing status quo.


You are in the thrust of great changes and there are more on the way. This will be the norm for 2017 as it has increasingly been in the past 8 years.


Venus moves into Aries, and then the freedom-loving Sun in Aquarius squares the stability of Moon in Venus-influenced Taurus.


This quarter moon isn’t only about this week ahead. It’s a signpost for the Leo Lunar eclipse next Friday and beyond. It offers information about the next 4 – 6  months.


Something bigger is going on here. It’s not all about you and yet it is.


There could be any combination of outer situations. And they could involve anything from intense attachment to harsh betrayal. Somehow this is related to very personal areas that originally felt secure.


You may say that you already felt insecure, and now there’s more? No, this isn’t more, this is a revelation of what’s already been there.


You just hadn’t fully done the work within to adjust to what you know. And part of that has been because your knowing has been in your unconscious.


Over this year you’ll see how your self-worth and true wealth isn’t quantified by the amount of money in the bank, or your tangible assets.


Your abundance will be reflected by the quality of your relationships. Your ability to give and receive. And your trust in the power of your vital being.


You’ll get what you accept and so it’s time to expect more!


Notice the timing of these points:

  • Moon enters Taurus, Feb 2 at 5:50pm PT/Feb 3 at 1:50am GMT
  • Venus enters Aries, Feb 3 at 7:51am PT/1:51pm GMT
  • Moon in Taurus square Sun in Aquarius, Feb 3 at 8:19pm PT/Feb 4 at 4:19am GMT (First Quarter Moon)
  • Jupiter stations retrograde, Feb 5 at 10:52pm PT/6:52am GMT


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