First Quarter Moon: Finding Real Solutions

First April Quarter Moon today, at 11:39am PDT/7:39pm GMT, in Cancer.


Another lunar phase ushers in your new week. Venus retrograde has now backtracked into the final degrees of Pisces. And Saturn and Mercury are also going retrograde this week.


The self-motivated initiative of the Cancer Moon and Aries Sun gives you a boost to ensure you nurture your needs and projects.


Listen closely to your insights. Discrimination is your guide. Are your concerns really only shiny distractions holding your attention? Follow to your feelings to understand your true reality.


Are you a slave to appearances? If so, you’ll only pursue what’s not real.


Instead, notice synchronicity. Shield yourself from negative situations that leave you drained. You can’t afford to put on pretenses right now. The current configurations point to at least one area of your life that hurts.


Affirm your fiery spirit and its embodiment in your watery flesh.


And you’ll attract more of the spiritual and material resources that you need. Bring balance by paying attention to what really matters.

Because you are the beginning of everything good in your life.



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