First Quarter Moon and Horoscopes for Week of March 6 – March 12: Life on Earth

One week into the lunar cycle that began with the last Monday’s Pisces Solar Eclipse and bits and pieces of information are swirling in mysterious ways. The First Quarter Moon, early Sunday morning, March 5, at 3:32am PST/6:32am GMT, punctuates the beginning of your week with some realizations that will culminate with the Virgo Full Moon next Sunday, March 12.


The planets keep moving and life keeps changing. The solar flare that moved around the Earth mid last week and caused a lot of physical headaches, has subsided. The image of the aurora captured here with Tuesday’s lunar conjunction with Venus, demonstrates how the wisps of extra energy can be beautiful, even when uncomfortable.


While the Pisces Solar eclipse created a hazy and turbulent daze of increased empathy for the suffering in the world, Venus turning retrograde early Saturday, March 4, is already showing how our relationships are reflectors of needs to be worked on from within.


People and old psychological patterns are resurfacing for the clear “I am” presence of Venus in Aries. What do you represent? What do you value in love? How do you feel about your earnings? What’s your biggest personal challenge and how are you meeting it? What’s missing is what you need to give yourself.


You are not alone with this. There’s a spiritual element connected to your desire to elevate your happiness in life. Prayers, meditation, mantras and all words that affirm a higher vibration, are especially soothing to your soul during this phase of heartfelt knowing.


On your path of integrated discovery, you’re finding your pace in an uncertain and confusing environment. You may begin the week feeling a disconnect with the information you have and the sense there’s more to this than you consciously grasp.


Mars, in the final degrees of aggressive Aries, amplifies feelings of frustration with the way things are. Don’t be tricked into believing someone else is responsible for your problems. If you’re clear about your power to address your personal burdens, you’ll get more meaningful work done.


On Thursday, Mars moves into the earthy comforts of Taurus. Boundaries with the energy of life are more important than ever to keep your balance. Life will slow down and the irritations will seem to linger longer. Maybe create an edible garden as a symbol of self-sustenance and enjoyment of nature.


You’ll need all of this information for the Virgo Full Moon, next Sunday. When critics seem to attack the sacred, keep your center. You are here for a purpose. Your soul craves a higher vision like your body craves oxygen.


Keep your focus on the possibilities and not on the apparent realities. You have to be open for the miracles to happen.


Here are your horoscopes for the week. Read the horoscopes for you Sun, Moon and ascendant sign to get an idea of the areas active for you this week.



Your imagination is always your best friend when life gets crazy. With the Moon’s first quarter, you might envision how your cup is filling up and anything to the contrary is someone else’s illusion. You’re navigating in changing times and may be pondering on what roots you to anywhere? Float on to new perspectives, if that’s what’s in your big picture. You can also allow what’s needed to give you more roots where you are. A new storm is coming toward the end of the week with the Virgo Full Moon. Your creative spirit is being pushed by spur-like critical contrasts. Everything has it’s cycle and storms change to calm seas with time and patience. In the meantime, hold that vision of what you want to see. It’s going to be happening way faster than it appears. The intentions you set with the Pisces Solar Eclipse are getting fleshed into form.



You’re a bit touchy these days. Yet there’s a lot to keep you entertained. With you ruler Mars in the final degrees of Aries until Thursday, act on what you know is important. It will be harder to get it done later when your energizer moves into cautious Taurus. Your creative impulses are still speaking to you with the messages of the Pisces Solar Eclipse still lighting up your secrets in your private life. In the face of the world, you’ve had to speak up for who you are. Pick your battles carefully as can do a lot of good as well as wreck some destructive havoc. Better yet, stick with your own agenda and turn your ideas into form. All the hot air is moving that way – toward creative practicality. Asserting your authority won’t matter if you have nothing to demonstrate what it represents.



Your efforts to bond with your community have evolved to new actions you take this week. The Pisces Solar Eclipse and your ruler, Venus have you feeling a need to be in the background. Sometimes decisions are best made on your own. Take your time and get some footing on what you’ll gain in the long run if you’re patient and strive to work things through with others. Your community may seem to be in chaos, but a larger, more organized vision is coming into focus. Enjoy what there is to enjoy with some self-restraint. Compromise has never been so important to keep love flowing.



Keep talking Gemini, but make sure you have a basis for what you’re saying. It seems everywhere you turn someone’s got something contrary to say. When the week is done you’ll have a better perspective on what you’re moving toward. Look at the challenges to your words as an opportunity to get more information. And it’s coming from more than words. Actions, feelings and connections are part of what you’re understanding. When in doubt, observe. The Pisces Solar Eclipse put you under the magnifying glass and you gotta figure out a way to endure and grow with the hot air without drowning in your own delusions.



Where there’s a will there’s a way. And you are more boldly committed to fulfilling your vision for growth in an unfamiliar area than ever. The details keep you tied into what you need to nurture you. Just watch that you don’t make assumptions based on your sole perspective. Consider other perspectives with an open mind. Even if they don’t completely make sense to you, there are elements of truth in everything you’re witnessing. The Pisces Solar Eclipse is unlimited in its scope of what you can explore in this amazing life. And the supporting planets are making it even easier to break free from old, tired patterns that have been weighing you down and draining your energy. You are free to be, Crab. Set your sights on the unknown and you’ll be there in good time.



Deep thoughts keep you thinking about what you trust in life. You may be questioning what you’re really responsible for. What are you interested in responding to? You have a choice in how you channel your attention. Some decisions can affect others more than others. What you choose will have an impact on your power in business profit or loss. And the exchange isn’t always monetary. There’s an impact on something thriving or declining. The Pisces Solar Eclipse has set a cycle of penetrating honesty in motion. You are a lion and you must trust your presence now. Patient stealthy action with consideration for the results will guide you in managing significant shifts in your sphere of influence.



Relationships keep you busy and offer an opportunity to grow in all areas of your life. There are details to find agreement on. This is part of the emphasis the Pisces Solar Eclipse ushered in for the next six months. By the end of the week, you may be looking for a loftier debate, one that’s more stimulating for your mind. You want something that offers a creative risk or academic challenge. You crave more information and there will be some juicy opportunities for stimulating new growth. You’ll still need to juggle different opinions in your projects with others. Life is intriguingly full right now. You can handle it. You’ll blossom into a new flower, new perfection in time and continued patience.



Relationships need space for you to breathe and review right now. You have been more up and down with your perspective on how you share your world with others than you’d like. You want a new way to heal the roots that have interfered with your full engagement. The essence is found in your dedication to your work. By finding humility in the small acts of service that you can control, you’ll feel connected to the greater power that works through you. You’re finding an outlet for what’s important to you with the influence of the Pisces Solar Eclipse. Bringing your higher connections into practical application with persistent self-discipline, will turn down the volume on disagreements. Because you won’t be questioning your path.



It’s not all fun and games. Sometimes the truth has to be in full bloom for you to pay attention to it. Crises arise so that you can find a way to use your power to meet the challenge and grow from it. What you resist will persist until you face that person or thing with your full attention. The emotions you’ve been holding may need to find another way of expression than the way you’ve been channeling them. Something is coming to light this week that is a test for you. Question your motivations. Is it to impress another or yourself? Or are you connected to a greater source that moves through you? There’s more energy available for you if you set your intention on the larger connection.



Creativity is infinite. What you produce with it is up to what you want to share with the world. You might have feelings about your inner processing of your visions that you want others to witness. Somehow there’s tension that’s finding a release with the intense energy you’re putting into your ambitions. This is your child, your baby that you’re putting your whole soul into. You’re not one to fuss over the details, but later in the week, you might feel like your ideas aren’t fusing the way you’d like them to gel together. But this is just for an instant. The challenges you meet are just temporary. You’ll end up galloping on with your bold beautiful bravery.


Your authority rests in the details. There’s been some confusion about what’s at the bottom of a number of things in your community and it’s going to require some patience and old fashioned research to bring it all to light. Instead of jumping from feeling to feeling, deepen each one. Get clear about what you’re going after. You may find that you’ve been missing out on some hard facts that are right there in your review. Discipline, Capricorn. It’s what you’re made of. Use the non-physical elements with the firm steps and you’ll have all the answers.



What surrounds you inspires you. Beauty is local and right in your neighborhood. You are turning over the leaf and seeing a new pattern that affects how you see yourself and what you want to share with your community. Simplify and organize what you know and the truth will be revealed. What you thought was yours is meeting with the resources of others. You’re ready to “spring forward” and sacrifice the hour. There are some sacrifices that have to arrive at a conclusion. Follow the rules and sprinkle some fairy dust on them. It’s not all by the book.


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