First Quarter Moon in Libra: Listen to the Full Truth

First Quarter Moon in Libra, on June 30, 2017 at 5:51pm PDT/8:51am EDT/1:51am GMT.


One week has passed since the Cancer New Super Moon cycle began. This is your quarter mark reflection point before the Capricorn Full Moon on July 8.


It also marks the threshold of the second half of the year. You’ve likely already learned a lot about yourself and what you really want. It’s time to adjust your strategy with what now know.


Lovely Moon in Libra is also a sharp judge of circumstances.


Libra is always in debate with the ever-shifting details of life. But others are often more easily convinced by the reasons discovered from their own experience. And this is also true for you. You’ve been diving deep into what matters. Beauty and justice are on your mind.


You want peace, but maybe anger is also present. The passionate aggression of Mars in Cancer stirred up even more emotions in the United States when it went over the nation’s Sun this week.


Unfortunately, July opens up a few months of stressors that will aggravate circumstances for this divided nation and its President Trump.


Retrograde Saturn triggers the U.S. natal Mars/Neptune through September, in what has shown itself to be connected to the Vietnam War, the Iraq and Afganistan Wars, and the Great Recession.


Retrograde Saturn will also make life even tougher for President Trump as it opposes his Sun, and his ego, as it quickly did in the beginning 2017. He’ll likely have to face some of the repercussions for his immature behavior.


The current Moon in Libra will touch upon thoughts related to all of this. I’ll share more about Pluto when the Moon moves into Scorpio on Sunday, right as passionate Mars opposes Pluto. A tremendous storm is brewing.


Your challenge is to remain true to your inner vision while you observe what you can’t control. You are feeling your powerful courage to make significant changes by aligning with what’s important to you.


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3 thoughts on “First Quarter Moon in Libra: Listen to the Full Truth

  • Frieda Ferrick

    So if I understand correctly, we are in for some more tough times as is the president. We must keep aware of what is going on but make sure we do our own inner and outer work.

    • Alyssa Ostrander

      Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying with an emphasis on what we can control. I don’t mean to create fear as it’s not going to be productive. But we do need to assess situations and take them seriously and understand the implications. 💕

      • Frieda Ferrick

        I get that you are not trying to create fear, it is that we have to ride this wave
        and hopefully over time it will recede