First Quarter Moon in Virgo: Your Own Counsel

First Quarter 11ºVirgo Moon at 5:42am PDT/8:42am EDT/1:42pm GMT on June 1.


The Moon moved into Virgo early May 31 and creates the First Quarter Moon to get you started on the month of June. Look at the Moon in the brightening sky — is it half shadowed or half full? Your answer gives insight into your state of mind.


You’re being exposed to a continuous exchange of game-changing information.


But within, you’re processing your personal significance and looking for the light that’s expanding in every shadow.


Nervous Moon in Virgo is trying to find sense in all the details with the Sun and Mars in data-hungry Gemini. Both Virgo and Gemini are mutable signs, ruled by quick thinking Mercury and your nervous system.


The rollercoaster ride speeds up with the mutable influence.


Everyone’s a little on edge right now. And yet it can’t be denied, there is hope. You know you aren’t alone. You know who’s with you and you’re more confident there’s a way to manifest what you need.


But the larger picture isn’t clear at all. And that’s ok. You can use this analytical time to reassess the small parts of your life that add up to bigger energy in the long run.


After the creative surge of the Leo Moon, the Virgo Quarter Moon puts you back in your head to figure stuff out until the Moon finds equilibrium in Libra Friday evening. By the Full Moon next week, you’ll understand so much more.


Virgo worries a lot.


And with the Virgin’s search for purity and truth, worry deflects the wisdom they’re really seeking. Take time to quiet your mind. Or at least give it something positively productive to work on.


Have any bookkeeping to catch up on? Need to do some detached analysis of anything? Your mind is primed to critically assess any situation. But remember your perspective isn’t balanced with optimism right now.


You want lists to check off. Details to sort out. Facts to verify and numbers to quantify. You’re in your head and showing up to get stuff done.


The half-year month of June begins with this First Quarter Moon. You may already recognize the need to cut out more distractions so that you can make a bigger difference in your movements ahead. You’re a world unto yourself right now.


Your own counsel puts you in the flow of satisfying changes that reassure you how you ARE making a difference.


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