First Quarter Scorpio Moon of Transcendence

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Saturday, August 18 at 2:53am PDT/5:53am PDT/9:53am GMT


The Moon is your companion on our shared journey around the Sun. As she circles us on Earth, she pulls and reflects the feelings of each sign of the zodiac as she turns.


2018 promised a year of evolutionary growth. The past two months have given you a cosmic reset to influence your destiny. If you’re willing to change, the potential for easy growth is here.


The July Solar Eclipse brought deeper issues to your attention. The longest total Lunar Eclipse of this century reset your understanding about personal power. And the final Leo Solar Eclipse of this year has sparked an opportunity to design your soul’s ideal expression and create more light to uplift others.


Meanwhile, Mars retrograde has been stirring your impulses, with no clear directive. Mars is now in the final and very serious degree of Capricorn and this may have increased your frustrations.


To do something new, you’ll have to redefine your former approach. It hasn’t given you the results you’ve wanted.


With Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde, it’s been an intense phase of review and analysis of the issues that have needed adjustment in your life.


It’s not easy to objectively face internal questions. Especially in a world that demands your attention. Remember you’ll only see what you allow yourself to see. If you want, you can drill through your perceived limitations by asking, what thoughts and actions will promote my highest potential?


Enthusiasm and ideas about what you love to do will help you see new opportunities that have been there all along. Mercury at 11°Leo stations direct later on Saturday, August 18 (at 9:24pm PDT/12:24am EDT/4:24am GMT) and elevates your voice to share your story of courage.


You are repatterning how you share your personal energy with the world.


Tonight, look at the night sky and notice the bright light of Jupiter in Scorpio close to this quarter Moon. There is a blessing with this Moon. Jupiter is close to its third and final trine (supportive aspect) with Neptune in Pisces, exact early Sunday, August 19.


Since their first trine on December 2, 2017, and the second, May 25 of this year, the emotional intelligence of this healing influence has helped you wash away old resentments and open to all the possibilities.


But with Mars retrograde, as it is, you have an extra release of anger bubbling up in your consciousness that you can now transcend and use for your greater good.


Anger is fear.


By boldly using the messages of the recent eclipses, you’re facing what scares you most and finding a new way that empowers you.


Jupiter expands and cultivates understanding, while Neptune helps you compassionately envision a better way. You’re attracting kindred souls who want to hold your vision with you.


Peace-seeking Venus in Libra is moving through the Uranus/Pluto zone from August 13 – 23 with the message that love transcends fear and judgment.


2018 is the year to respond to your individual power to create change.


And this week is about refining your approach.


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