Horoscope for December 28

Vital Moon in Leo has a chance to feel free today. This last week of the year is a special time. Everything is slower. There’s a bit less demand and a collective excitement about the fresh new beginning that’s just a few days away.

With the many responsibilities of the past week, this may be your first day in a while to reflect on where you want to really drill into in the new year.

What are you thinking about? Mercury in Capricorn is moving to square Mars in Libra tomorrow.

Mercury will go retrograde after moving into Aquarius in the first week of January, and will square Mars again, with Mars then in Scorpio.

There’s enormous mental energy available for tackling difficult problems, if you can also keep the Capricorn determination to see them through to resolution.

Watch your ego energy with this aspect as it becomes exact tomorrow. You are finding a way to be confidently diplomatic in your exchanges. Offer where you know you’ve been wrong. Minimize where you’ve been right.

The puzzle pieces will fit together as we travel down this road of multiple repeat aspects to get it right.

Keep your determination and focus to see this through to a peaceful resolution.


  • Moon in Leo sextile Lilith in Libra at 4:11am PST/12:11pm GMT
  • Moon in Leo sextile Uranus in Aries 9:14am PST/5:14pm GMT
  • Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Libra 6:53am PST/3:53pm GMT (Tuesday)

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