Horoscopes for Week of February 13 – February 19: Love…It’s Complicated

Love needs extra care right now. Love is everything, yet love is complicated by impatience and fear of the unknown.


With the Sun in Aquarius for a final week, the effect of the Leo Lunar Eclipse is still aglow. There’s a lot that’s expanding your fiery passions. But are your desires aligned what you believe you can receive?


Everything about life is changing like the weather. Trust what you feel each moment while understanding it may change tomorrow.


You matter. You are uniquely special. You have no limits.


You are in a huge phase of growth. As life evolves, new awareness will answer your questions.


Be your own sweet Valentine. Your self-love is vital for your soul to share.


Here are the individual signs for you to read your Sun sign, Ascendant, and Moon sign to get an idea of what’s up for you in the week ahead:




Alive with insight and understanding, you’re finding ways to integrate your truth into your communications and projects that drive you forward in your local world. Your unique inspiration has an eager audience.


If you feel dragged down by all that’s going on in your daily life, make time to learn about something new in the broader world that connects you with the bigger picture.


Your powerful ideals inspire others. It’s what the people want more of from you. They want to breathe in the fresh air of your enlightened inspiration. In the months ahead, your energized ideas will have a life of their own within your community.


And love? You are loved for your wit and clever insight. Let it flow and restore the world with humor and words that open up worlds of new thought.




You’ve gone through some shifts in relationships since the Virgo Solar Eclipse last year on September 1. You now have perspective on your true heart and what you value in your dance with love. There has to be room for you to hold and to have.


A new cycle of understanding is beginning with the upcoming Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26, which will be conjoining your ruler, Neptune. You are ready to embark an exquisite journey of exalted sharing of higher dimensional understanding while dissolving what no longer resonates.


Your truth can’t be ignored anymore. Relationship healing has come full circle and you are now complete. With what you now know, you can no longer settle for less.




Fire can spread quickly with strong winds. Your headstrong force is more driven than ever. Extreme caution is needed to avoid creating barren scorched earth from impulsive actions. Patience is not one of your virtues right now.


You intensely want what you want. But you like relating, right? So think about fueling your charm to achieve your passionate desires. Independence is admirable, even in relationships, and allows you space to be yourself. Dominating your interests over another is something else.


People are sensitive to being overwhelmed by warrior desires these days. Everyone is inspired by the spirit of Aries. Show others how you can create a bonfire that everyone can join around.




Think about all the idioms that use the word “bull”. The body parts influenced by Taurus, are the throat, ears, vocal cords and jugular vein – essentially area of the 5th chakra of creativity and speaking the truth.


Raging bulls don’t take any bull and are bulls in the china shop when they’ve had enough. You may think that you’re tiptoeing around an issue, but you’re not. For your comfort and everyone else’s, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s boiling. It’s there to transmute into extraordinary creative inspiration.


Otherwise, it could be your undoing and even be a health hazard to keep a lid on. You’re not the patient, even-tempered bull you normally are. You can easily charge a perceived threat. The possibility of trouble looms larger within, if you suppress what’s burgeoning for your productive interpretation.




Your community fuels your expanding perspective. Ideas circulate as you realize how many are listening. Leadership inspires you right now, because it keeps you thinking. Finding a way to best serve your community is your passion and relative focus.


You’re noticing how others depend on your strength and generous spirit. As your mind brightens with new, lofty visions, remember to let others know how much you care. Life is more than the abstract. It’s quickly moving and shifting with your unstoppable push to create a better social sphere. Linking with the intentions of others will be part of how that fully develops for you in the next two months.




Deep, soulful love is in your daily work. It feels heavy sometimes, but it also gives you so much meaning. Your daily nurturing care of the work you do can take a toll on your body.


Maybe you’ve recently noticed how caring for your body temple is a new discipline to cultivate. If your body can’t hold your soul, then how will you get the big work done? Give your body the routine nourishing care and the loving attention you offer to others.


This is the year that you realize how yes, you’ll keep going, but if you take care of ways you get things done, you’ll enjoy the experience much more. Making sure you feel good also allows you to notice the new opportunities for dynamic interactions with others. If you’re feeling bad, treat yourself to some healing.  You’ll miss a lot of opportunities if you keep pushing forward thinking you’ll take care of yourself later.




Life is so interesting with other people! Exchanges with others offer clear mirrors of magnificent you. You’re not so sure what you want for the long term in relationship with others.


You have standards that you want to meet or exceed and you’re enjoying the adventure of your expanding connections. Trust what feels right for you and maintain your freedom to think independently with others. You are learning a lot about yourself in synergy with the world. Follow what interests you and who keeps you engaged.




For the past 6 months, you’ve learned a lot about who you are. Your gifts, your challenges, and your vision for the future. The Virgo Solar eclipse initiated this self-discovery phase and in two weeks the Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26 will shift your focus to your partnerships in life.


Now that Mercury is in Aquarius until the day before the eclipse, you can prepare for your future by taking care of the minor concerns that you want to tidy up. How can you take a new approach to your health? You may want to turn your attention to your mind itself.


Are you thinking too much about perfecting things that really don’t matter? Find time for mindful contemplation and you’ll have even more to share with others.




Finding the right judgment with so much passionate opinion has been keeping your scales in a see-saw motion to find a sweet spot of balance. There’s more to weigh in with, as counter opinions become louder through the end of the month. The answers are found in what’s fair and right for everyone concerned.


You and others are working this out together. With the Moon in your sign on Valentine’s Day you are flowing with love that is counterbalanced by the self-focused needs of others. At least you see what’s going on. Passions are hot and fiery and this may be exactly what you are ready to enjoy.


Judge for yourself whether your finely tuned graces are being crushed by arrogance. Lady justice, you are also fierce when the truth needs to be told.




Your heart is in the details right now. You have a lot going on and you’re passionate about making it all work with your strong intentions. Have you been finding it hard to relax? One of your strongest allies during this phase, is guidance from your unseen support.


But to listen to that, you have to have the time and space to receive it. Being open to receive the support that’s attempting to help you, will challenge you to realize you are stronger with others.


Soften into trusting that you don’t always have to push to make things happen. Equally, there are factors and influences that you’ve already karmically invested in. This is your work that’s been holding in the bank. Make your withdrawals and see your life lighten up.




Of all the signs, your week is touched by cupid’s arrow in a way that enlivens your self-expression. Even if you don’t have a specific Valentine, you have an audience to express your innovative perspective. What’s important to you, comes to life for others. It brings attention to the effects you’re looking for.


Let your inner-child magic speak through you. The creative energy flowing like the power of these times, is the essence of love – and even the essence of life itself. Take all the opportunities that interest you and motivate others with your presence. You have the vision and the energy. You also have the confidence that others need to witness. You are an example of an original thinker. Have fun with it all!




Home is where your heart is. Stay in with your love(s) and cherish the simple pleasure of being in the security of your home. You’ve been putting a lot of energy out into the world and making headway on long-term goals. Do that requires a facade of outer projection of cool, calm and connected with your important influences.


The truth of it is, it’s a lot of work. You need time to retreat from the busy world. Taking time to be where ever you call home, gives you a chance to recenter your goals and renew you so that you can achieve your ambitions more efficiently. It also gives you a chance to tune into what’s going on in the lives of your loved ones.


I am grateful and honored to have you in my life. Connecting with you is everything to me. I’m committed to supporting you on your path with guidance from the current moon phase once a week and weekly horoscopes for each sign.


I’d love to hear from you and how you’re doing. Let’s schedule to talk via phone, FaceTime, or Skype for a 15 minutes, soul to soul. And if you want to continue from there, I’ll offer you a sweet discount on any of my life mentoring packages. No obligation, ever.


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