Your Deepest Self | July 2016 Monthly Forecast

July is a month to fully connect with the emotions of your deepest self. The Mars initiative is highlighted all month. Now that Mars is moving forward, there’s more impatience, within and around you. Since Mars is closer to the Earth, it’s more actively stirring some to act in war-like, aggressive ways.

Mars is also parallel Pluto in declination all month. A parallel is similar to being at the same latitude in space and it acts like a conjunction and intensifies one planet with the other. These and other change-making configurations are effectively remodeling your approach to life.

To keep your sanity, it’s important to flow with the realization that nothing is consistent now. Continue to expect the unexpected. Embrace it as a grounding rod for your personal evolution. Self-management is all that you can successfully strive for. Appreciate the potential of every moment to create from what you have learned.

The Mars/Pluto parallel will be very close to the Cancer New Moon on July 4. The New Moon begins a new lunar month and a new solar year on the birthday of the United States. This Cancer New Moon incorporates the very different energies of the Saturn and Neptune square that are still being assimilated. You’re finding a way to embody the non-physical, spiritual, visions that you want realize in your life.

Planet Mars influences how you act on your desires. Its assertive action is focused on your survival and how you can be your individual self. Mars inspires you to grow and integrate new information so that you can compete in the game of life. When you are connected to the energy of Mars you recognize opportunities as they arise and take action.

With the influence of Pluto, you’re also changing the way you’re asserting your will. You’ve learned so much about yourself since the New Moon in Aries on April 7. You’re recalibrating your approach to the world to ensure your authentic presence can find expression in ways that meet your needs.

Passionate feelings are experienced and expressed for the entire month. Part of this is Mercury in Cancer which has been out-of-bounds since June 28. Your communications are intensified through July 8 with a hyper-sensitive, over-personalized Cancerian approach. Out-of-bound planets are at a higher or lower “latitude” in space. An out-of-bound planet expresses its characteristics in extreme or abnormal ways.

Donald Trump is an example of someone with an out-of-bound Mercury in Cancer. You’ve seen how sensitive he is to criticism and how he believes his viewpoints are in the best interest of his clan. This is a time to be aware of what you have to communicate and ask yourself if you’re open to the perspectives of others?

In different ways, relationship dramas will roll like big waves throughout the month. The intense combination of a strong desire for emotional fulfillment coupled with a push to approach life differently and create real change, ignites pressure to shift old relationship patterns – that won’t change overnight.

Venus moves into the royal sign of Leo on July 11. Leo rules the heart and Venus is the planet of love. Charisma and image will be essential elements for the rest of the month. In contrast to Venus in Cancer, Leo is playful and ready to act whatever part is needed to get the attention it wants to bask in.

Mercury enters Leo on July 13 through July 30 and warms up communications with persuasive good will. Mercury in Leo will be supported by the discipline of Saturn and you’ll learn to attend to the details needed to make your big dreams happen.

On July 17 the Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces create a grand water trine which is challenged by a difficult angle between the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Sagittarius. The grand water trine gives you the confidence to handle difficult demands that may come up from a karmic connection. Self-discipline, above all, will gracefully carry you through this and give you a stronger foundation to build on.

Warrior goddess Eris and disruptive Uranus are still very close together in Aries. They are particularly active as they create an outlet, in the form of a square to the Capricorn Full Moon, during the Republican National Convention on July 18 – 21. You’ve seen the in-your-face trickster energy of these two at work throughout June. Fueled by a Full Moon, there will be more surprises. It will be a time to set clear limits and boundaries to protect the needs of your inner world from the barrage of information from the outer world.

The Sun enters radiant Leo to shine on your biggest dreams on July 22. The Democratic National Convention on July 25 – 28 will also include unexpected events when the Moon in Aries sparks more radical self-determination as it conjuncts Eris and Uranus. These events will be punctuated by the stubborn resistance of the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus on July 26.

Lightbulbs of genius are turned on when Mercury in Leo is trine Uranus as it stations retrograde on July 29. You recognize you really do have the power to move through all obstacles.

Your courageous thoughts can be put into practice as Mercury moves into Virgo and closes out the month with smart plans for your future.

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