Last Quarter Moon in Aries: Yearning for More

Last Quarter Moon in Aries, July 16, 2017 at 12:26pm PDT/3:26pm EDT/8:26pm GMT.


Fire and water don’t mix easily. One can easily eliminate the other. The Moon in Aries squaring Sun in Cancer, which is very close to Mars, Aries’ ruler, is everyone’s fiercely independent catalyst for the week.


It’s easy to act. But what you are acting on?


If you’ve been numb to your own yearning, the call to claim your power may be terrifying.  There’s more to life than mere survival. This passionate Aries Moon is conjoined the innovative genius of Uranus and the feminine warrior wisdom of Eris, challenging you to be fearless in ways that support your personal growth. For the first time, you may be acting to advance your needs instead of only aiming to satisfy others.


At this time in history, every new week seems to supersede all prior weeks with astonishment. And this one won’t be any different. Moon in Aries is bold and willing to be part of a “trigger” affecting the building Mars in Cancer square eager-to-disrupt Uranus in Aries, exact on Monday.  Electric waters are boiling with energy that can empower or destroy.


But your mind may be the most dangerous weapon.


Remember the messages of surrender and letting go that were infused in the Cancer New Super Moon, First Quarter Libra Moon and Capricorn Full Moon posts in this Cancer lunar cycle. Your internal or external arguments for the needs of your fearful ego or something else you can’t control isn’t going to get you what you really need.


You’re vulnerable to compulsive thinking in this last week of Sun in Cancer.  The New Moon at 0ºLeo, next Sunday, will begin a cycle that revitalizes your creative light. Right after the Leo New Moon, the Sun in Leo will conjunct Mars and begin a new 2-year cycle of Mars, the planet of how energy is applied. And with Mars in Leo, this will be a new Mars cycle with increasing willful courage of the heart.


The growing fire of Moon, Uranus, and Eris in Aries, Mercury in Leo (and so much more by the end of next week), you thankfully have the stability of Saturn in Sagittarius, to help keep the flames from raging out of bounds.


Your energy may feel taxed as you tend to the fire lines to avoid fanning self-righteous passions. Maintain a mantra to surrender your fears and do what’s right to attend to your needs that harm no one. Otherwise, you’ll burn others out by pushing them for what they cannot give.


There are no winners or losers here. This is the dance of creation to burn new ground for your creative growth. Receive the courage to see this through by fully opening to what nurtures your soul.


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