Last Quarter Moon: Are You Ready For More?

Last Quarter 29°Capricorn Moon at 2:57am PDT/5:57am EDT/10:57am GMT on April 19.


The final degree of serious Capricorn Moon ushers in the final week of this Aries lunar cycle of new growth, which began on March 27. And the night sky is darkening as the Moon wanes to the Taurus New Moon on April 26.


You are drawing within to reflect on what’s evolving in your life.


And you aren’t done with the changes! You’re learned a lot in the past month and you’ve also been pulled back to reconsider your impulses. As the Sun moves into the determined strength of Taurus on Wednesday, it meets with Mercury retrograde before it moves back into Aries.


Life has accelerated and you’ve been moving with it.


Do you need to adjust to all that you’ve been assimilating? Wednesday brings the earthy fortitude of the bull with the Sun and Mercury retrograde at 0°Taurus to clearly understand your need for physical comforts – for a moment. There’s no time to lounge in the fields of buttercups right now.


Mercury returns to Aries on Thursday and fires up your active thoughts as it moves to reunite with the shocks of Uranus and the power of the fierce feminine Eris next week and into May, after it moves forward. The revolution continues. And it’s even more unrelenting now.


Adding to the transformational stew, Pluto turns retrograde on Thursday to open up a new phase of cleansing through September. There are more depths to plumb to eliminate patterns haven’t served you. There’s more to your story and it’s important for you to embrace all of it.


With Venus now moving forward, and even more receptive and attuned to the needs of your emotional and spiritual life, you may crave more peace – or escape. But if you really want more comfort, you’ll have to remove the blocks that hold you back from to receiving more good in your life.


Chiron and Saturn are here to make sure you address what isn’t easy. Ugh. Life takes courage to look at the truth and what’s possible. Move through your challenges by meeting their demands. You can’t float around them.


You have new insight that couldn’t see before and there’s more and more coming. One shift allows another perspective. Multiple shifts open new doors of experience.


Unique and connected. That’s you. And everyone. We are all being washed by the same wave and burned in the same fire. Let go of what’s hurts you. Surrender and trust there’s something better.



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