Last Quarter Moon of Unabashed Self-Acceptance

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, August 14, 2017 at 6:15pm PDT/9:15pm EDT/2:15am GMT.


Flames of emotion urge you onward and upward. To become your greatest self, old patterns have to burn away.


Moon in Taurus squares Sun in Leo to create the Last Quarter Moon before the Great American Total Solar Eclipse next Monday, August 21.


You’re probably feeling some urgency to identify and release what you no longer need. The current lunar cycle began at 0° Leo to inspire your instinctive wisdom.


The Total Solar Eclipse New Moon at 29° Leo will begin a potent cycle to blaze new creative paths beyond anywhere you ever imagined.


To enhance your growth, Mercury in analytical Virgo opposed Neptune when it stationed retrograde late Saturday. Nothing is clear. Your expressive wit may feel restrained. So turn within to figure out your true thoughts about your evolving life.


Mercury retrograde has altered your thought process, but you actually have more linking information about what needs to be heard and understood to fully heal the areas of your life that have been calling for your attention.


You have an opportunity to overlook your insecurities and trust what your heart is telling you. This week offers you the joy of unabashed self-acceptance.


The more you accept all that you are, the more you’ll be able to apply your power of mind and soul to re-organized the details and create your happiness.


Feel what you feel and avoid whatever tries to numb your mind from the strong feelings within and around you.


Acknowledge and surrender your strong emotions to the cleansing, heartfelt Leo fire. You’re opening to the unexplored beauty of your life.


Venus in Cancer, ruler of the Moon in Taurus, is helping you manifest the gifts you deserve. This doesn’t feel easy as it, as it balances opposite the obsessive regenerating power of Pluto. Your desires are intensifying to break through the barriers that have blocked your authentic intimacy in all of your relationships.


You may feel a burning desire to get involved — and a simultaneous fear of how you’ll manage your intense feelings. Everything will be easier if you stay conscious.


Trust that life is giving you everything you need to become wholly aware of what feels most comfortable. What you’re most interested in.  And how you’re most valued. Have faith that the worst is behind you.


Rest your reflections on your greatest treasures. You’ll feed the fire that’s burning your perfect path with your true heart.


The Total Leo Solar Eclipse is coming August 21! Schedule a reading and find out what it’s impacting in your personal chart.

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