Leo Lunar Eclipse February 10, 2017: Be Your Courageous Self

Collectively, there are no dull moments at this time. There are constant, unsettling reminders that even if you think you’ve seen it all, inconceivable events are likely to happen again and again.  Full Moons bring developments to the surface. Lunar Eclipse Full Moons increase the emotional intensity as we witness the shadow of the Earth in the moonlight.


This Lunar eclipse reminds us that there is an underlying balance in all the chaos. Certain elements of life will never be taken off course. And in this extreme Aquarian era of consistent shifting change, this Leo Lunar Eclipse brings us back to what is safe and secure: the love and light within your unique presence.


The Moon in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, and opposite the Sun with this eclipse, has us on Earth in the center of this pull. We have the best perspective on the light and shadows that we form. The emphasis of the Sun in Aquarius, reminds us how it’s from looking at things in a new light, with consideration for the future and the universal truth’s for everyone, that we’ll forge a new way of being.


In spite of the fear that’s triggered with so much disruption, the spiritual warrior archetype of dwarf-planet Eris, now at the exact same degree of this eclipse, affirms that your inner faith and your conscious intention will be your best guide. Your encouragement won’t come from outside circumstances, but from your light within.


The lion essence, reflected by the Moon in Leo, knows no fear. In spite of all threats and danger, the lion gladly takes the stage to electrify an audience. And it’s that unabashed confidence that earns the respect Leo receives. Be a lion and show up fully in your life. Be who you are, not what you think others want. Feel what’s important to you and roar with your truth. Your fortune is in the unexpected result!


You can read more about how this eclipse is influencing you personally by reading the weekly horoscopes for each Sun sign for this week.


This Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 22º Leo, is called a Snow Moon for the heavy snows that often fall at this time in North America. A prenumbral eclipse is more subtle than other, more complete eclipses. The shadow of the Earth will create a slight shading of the moon, like the image shown above, of a prenumbral eclipse captured in 2012. 


Since this is an eclipse of the Moon, you will need to be in a location where the Sun has set, an hour before and after the times of the exact eclipse:


Los Angeles: February 10 at 4:32pm

New York: February 10 at 7:32pm

London: February 11 at 12:32am

Delhi: February 11 at 6:02am


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