Leo New Moon of Courageous Instinctive Living

New Moon at 0° Leo, Sunday July 23 at 8:15am PDT, 11:15am EDT, 4:15pm GMT


An arc of awakening courage begins.


You’re drying off from a wet month of being dunked in profound emotions.


Tears of pain and maybe joy have flowed. You’ve felt what you hadn’t been able to feel before.


Growth never feels natural. You had to explore what you’d buried. Now that your fluid body has been cleansed with the cosmic waters, you’re on to the next phase of your soul’s evolution.


And it begins with a great roar from Leo the Lion, ruler of the Sun and your infinitely creative heart. The cosmic current is moving you into the fire.


After a month of so many inner revelations, all the lights are on as the Moon and Sun conjoin Mars in Leo to illumine your consciousness with energy from the warrior of love to burn away anything that’s dulled your glow.


These planetary teachers want you to pay attention to your life. It’s short and it’s yours to create with the love that you are. It’s time to throw the expectations of others into the fire and be your true self.


And this is just the beginning.


The mathematical point of the North Node in your chart indicates your soul’s calling. It also reflects the lessons we collectively learn as the point changes through the sky.


The North Node will be in Leo until November 2018 to warm your generous heart to share and receive love with ease. The North Node creates eclipses and the first lunar eclipse was in February. That eclipse is still resonating in your life and there will be 6 more eclipses influenced by this Leo North Node before it moves on.


Courage comes from the heart. And your courageous heart is awakening to your true role in your life with the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7 and the first Total Solar Eclipse to arc over the United States in 38 years, in the final degree of Leo on August 21.


You’re learning about your personal power.


Leo is the Latin word for lion. Lions trust their instincts to dominate the jungle. But your heart’s true authority doesn’t need to overpower. Your inner Sun is claiming its own place in your spheres of life by cultivating your creative light.


Notice how this solar infusion is strengthening your will to bravely do what you really want. This isn’t happening overnight, but by the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio next Sunday, July 30, you’ll see how your instinctive courage is growing.



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