New Moon in Leo. Fierceness Reigns.

Astrology has existed for thousands of years and has expanded over time with many cultural perspectives. They all have merit and offer opportunity to find insight from different angles.

Western astrology, is based on the works of the Greek/Egyptian writer Ptolemy, who was born in AD 90. Jyotisha, also known as Indian astrology, and more recently as Vedic astrology is older than Western astrology by at least a couple of thousand years. Western and Vedic astrology have a noticeable difference in how the planetary positions are interpreted. They both shed light on the archetypes that influence what’s going on with our lives on Earth.

The cyclical joining of the Moon with the Sun marks the the beginning of a new lunar phase, a month to set new intentions inspired by the change of energy. At 8:53 a.m. MDT (US) on Friday, August 14, 2015, the Moon will join the Sun at 22° Leo in Western astrology and in Vedic Astrology, at 28° Cancer in the Nakshakra Ashlesha.

With the influence of Ashlesha, the symbolism of the snake arises again in this eighth (8) month of August (see Mars in Leo). Ashlesha is symbolic of the entwining serpent energy coiled at the base of the spine; our personal power to use wisely or keep dormant.

Ashlesha in a personal planetary position, is known to be very good at defeating enemies by using the venom of the serpent. It is said that anyone born with this position is a powerful warrior and even a glance from those born under this influence will have a penetrating force. They are also prone to use their potency to anger when it isn’t needed and often too shy to use their power when it would serve.

Even though Vedic astrology interprets this as a new cyclical beginning in Cancer (in the “lunar mansion” of Ashlesha), the love and courageous strength we associate with the lion and Leo still resonates. Leo the Lion in Western astrology is the fixation to discover the pulse of self-discovery and creative expression.

Venus, which has returned to Leo, and is halfway through its retrograde phase, ending September 6, is giving us insight on what’s important and what’s keeping us from what we really want. Venus will disappear as a sunset planet, make a conjunction to the Sun on August 15 and then return to greet us before dawn later in August.

Venus is in Leo for 107 days this year, almost 4 times longer than its normal stay in any sign. This is a huge cosmic boost to open our hearts, figure out what’s fun, and how we can clear up the regrets to share good times with those we love.

The message of this New Moon in Leo, conjoined retrograde Venus in Leo, tells us this is not a submissive time. It’s a fierce time of summoning our courage, sizing up what’s not working, setting intentions to create more of what Venus is reminding us that we desire, and moving to fearlessly to remove the blocks that have held us back.

Uranus in Aries will support the Leo energy and boost our confidence to pursue our passions and open our hearts to find what we uniquely contribute and share with others. Chiron challenges the Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction and raises insecurities that we aren’t enough and aren’t up to the push to find our creative expression. The over-riding theme of fierce love and courage will help us steadfastly discern and replace the self-abandoning messages we tell ourselves with the patient enduring strength of self-love.

This month we are reminded that our creative power is within, not in someone or something we need to bind or control to maintain an audience, as Ashlesha might expect. We can use the force of Ashlesha to hold others to their word and be accountable for what they have established and create steadiness in turbulent situations. This is an opportunity to ground our actions and protect others when needed, while still allowing everyone the freedom to use their own will to choose what they want.

This new Moon is urging a time get projects going. Are you thinking of starting something new or a new phase of an old project? This is a great time plan a bold new strategy and openly meet any challengers. What area of your life do you want to overhaul with new energy and fierce passion?

If you want to know where this new moon is placed in your chart, send me your date, time and place of birth and I’ll let you know! If you already know, I look forward to hearing how you intend to share your fierceness, in the comments below.

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