Virgo New Moon Serves Sobering Fruits for Renewal

Virgo New Moon at 27° Virgo, Tuesday/Wednesday September 20 at 10:30pm PDT, 1:30am EDT, 6:30am GMT


Meticulous Virgo offers you an opportunity to find some needed quiet in your life. After a fiery Leo season that set many acres and insights ablaze, this new moon works on the details to bring your life into balance.


What hasn’t been perfect is ripe for new revelations as the Virgo New Moon processes painful realizations from Chiron, the wounded healer.


Saturn, the sober taskmaster, is the outlet for how you can transcend the Virgo New Moon and Chiron tension that’s awakened churning emotions. This will pass with peaceful reflection on how you can help yourself and others with what you know.


With Venus now in Virgo (September 19, 6:15pm PDT/9:15pm GMT), this won’t be an expressively passionate lunar phase, yet it’s still fertile for deepening intimate relationship understanding. With all that’s going on, people are vulnerable. Listening and sharing details helps to relieve stress.


Your current struggles may become your greatest gifts. To understand challenges, Virgo creates quiet to hear her own thoughts. With compassionate self-analysis, you have the strength to leverage your experiences to grow and learn more about the truth of yourself with others.


Whatever’s coming up for you, the distillation of its roots and ripening lessons will ultimately help you support others. Your circumstances support a lunar cycle of opportunity to participate in collective healing.


This New Moon refreshes your need to be kind and compassionate, no matter what contrasts with your beliefs. Acceptance helps you cultivate the inner peace that will expand to others.


With five planets in Virgo, until the Moon (Wednesday) and Sun (Friday) move into Libra, it’s a week to calm life down to sensible meaning by becoming more aware of your thoughts and words.


As the New Moon in Virgo conjoins the Sun, Mercury in Virgo finally exits the last part of the retrograde phase that began on July 24. Since then, you’ve been touched by a new awareness that you want to take into some form of deeper expression.


You want to make yourself useful.


You’ve learned to trust your intuition when it was tested by Mercury retrograde when it was distorted by the logic of Virgo. In shifting times of uncertainty, you’ve discovered how it’s more sensible to trust your gut feelings and heart’s desires.


Old habits and systems won’t sustain you unless you make improvements now.  Trust your experience and depth of understanding to make your ideas work.


Virgo, the Virgin, is the solitary one of the zodiac. She represents the parts of you that need to purify in order to recharge and serve the greater good.


How do you serve with your natural talents and interests? Are you being conscious about your powerful thoughts? If you’re worried, get to the root of why.


Trust your inner guidance and all that clearly supports you. Cleanse your life of residual shame and blame from your past experiences.


You need all your strength to do the work you’re ready to do.


Are you feeling uncertain about your work and how to create peace in your life? Schedule a reading and I’ll help you clarify your next steps.