The “FOX” Numerology of Relationships.

Numerology is key to understanding relationships – and what we contribute to them.

Numerology is the hidden meaning of numbers. This is how it works: a number is attributed to each letter of the alphabet and your full name, whether you use it or not, is your vibrational code for this lifetime. With different calculations, you can find out your purpose, personality, transits, and special gifts and challenges, and many other subtle aspects that fill in all that is unique about you.

You can learn a lot about someone just by looking which letters are in their name, and which letters aren’t. Missing letters become missing numbers. Missing numbers represent binding karma and indicate the challenges and the life areas which may not come easily.

In English, the letters “F”, “O” and “X” are all associated with the number 6. The number 6, is the number of relationships and compassion. If you have an emphasis on 6 in your name, your family and community will be important to you, and you will thrive on positive vibrations such as music, comfortable settings and sharing your life with others.

If you the vowels or consonants in your name add up to 6, but you don’t have the number 6 in the letters of your name, then you could still have the desire for harmony and love of family, but it may seem to always elude you. The karmic lesson is to focus on sharing your heart, avoid judgments and work to understand your dynamic with others. The numerology of 6 asks us to love more, trust others and be willing to be vulnerable and share our feelings.

Maybe you have a lot of 6 energy in your chart; letters in your name, birth date and/or different formulas and you find there are a number of souls in your life that are working on 6? When you see this, it is a call to teach love and understanding. Those with a lot of 6 energy can communicate information in a way that reaches and heals others. Also, even if you have 6s in your chart, there are still emotional traumas in life that need release. The 6 challenge contacts may be mirrors to remind you of areas of your emotions that you have neglected.

I love numerology because it easily pinpoints strengths areas that need growth and development to create greater harmony in every area of life. We often attract others who are working on the same areas. If we understand what we are learning through relationships with those who are mirrors for us, it becomes easier to find a solution. Understanding another chart becomes a bridge of understanding. We all have strengths to share and challenges to accept – in ourselves and others.

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