Pisces Full Moon of Work Fulfillment

Pisces Full Moon, September 6, 2017 at 12:03am PDT/3:03am EDT/8:03am GMT


Even if you didn’t have the summer off. You’re eager to get to work.


After a long August with Mars in Leo revitalizing your creative energy, you’re getting focused on what it’s going to be channeled into. Direction from tireless Virgo and a boost from its ruler Mercury, as it stations direct on the exact degree of the recent Solar Eclipse, clarify what you need to do.


With the Sun in Virgo urging you to grow with the unexpected surprises from Uranus, you see how it’s time to use what you’ve learned over the past few months and put it into applied action.


What have you learned?


Unrestrained Mercury in Virgo is still humming on the Leo Solar Eclipse point. Consider how you’ve become aware of the power your words and how they influence your perceptions over the past 3 weeks.


Louise Hay, the visionary author and publisher, renowned for her use of words to heal and transform, transitioned in her sleep on August 30. Interestingly, she had the same Mars opposite Saturn in her natal chart, that the U.S. is currently experiencing by transit.


She turned her pain and frustration into fulfillment by routinely (Saturn) affirming (Mars) what she wanted to experience (Neptune). Neptune was her outlet for her frustration with the things she could not control.


Louise is gone but her affirmations remain. After so much heat, let this Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune melt your worries, soothe your soul and envision your better life.


With the challenges, there are still abundant blessings. Jupiter, now at 23ºLibra, has returned to the degree it went retrograde in early February. Finally, it’s moving forward to conjunct Spica, the star representing the grain that Virgo holds, at 23ºLibra 50.


Amid the chaos, you can still reap rewards in the areas you’ve been sowing and tending to over the months and years (Prior to 2017, Jupiter was at this point in September 2005). This is good for partnerships and all around success if you’ve done the work.


Virgo teaches how the work is in the attention to every daily activity. By focusing on the details of your best self your opportunities expand. There are predictive influences, but ultimately, it’s up to you to choose what you do minute by minute. You have the power.


Fill your mind and heart with affirmations that open you to forgiveness and compassion. Unconditionally accept all that you are. It may not feel perfect. Yet you’ll find with a few more steps forward, what seemed impossible is easy and natural.


Awareness of the many facets of this miraculous life is strong now. Use the power of words to claim your new reality and open the doors you’ve been wanting to enter.



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