Pisces Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017: How It Affects Your Sun Sign

The unknown has been making itself known in this period of great change. As we move deeper into Pisces with the Annular Solar Eclipse on Sunday, a ring of fire will appear around the Moon. The Moon reflects back to you, and asks what energy is around you?


If you don’t like what you’re feeling, how can you change it? If you want more, and you’ve questioned whether it serves your highest good, how can you enhance it?


With a growing amplification of the creative mysteries of life, it’s easier to forget the pain of the world. It won’t be easy to confront what’s uncomfortable. Yet don’t forget that this is a great opportunity to dissolve negative habits that no longer serve you.


There’s still a lot still brewing to a boil with passionate Venus and Mars in headstrong Aries getting closer to disruptive Uranus. This weekend is a dangerous phase as the Sun triggers the shock of Uranus. And Jupiter expands the argument by pulling the truth out for everyone to see.


This is a highly sensitive time for all souls. New visions are awakening. And once Mercury enters Pisces on Saturday, the Moon and four planets will be aglow with the infinite possibilities of the cosmic fish. With the conjunction of the Sun and Moon with Pisces’ own planet Neptune, the emphasis is on collective soul searching.


How can you float without getting lost? As the Moon eclipses the Sun, there is physical darkness on Earth. Yet, when one sense is compromised, other senses become stronger.


Receive the subtle messages that add to your vision. Search your soul for the answers within and beyond. There is compassionate support while the world appears to be in chaos. There are also forces that prey on fear and addictions to feeling good in the moment.


Feel with your heart. What’s right for you and what’s right for all? Pisces is the mystic truth that pierces through the veil of “reality,” when there is the desire to grow and love more.


Self-love. Love of humanity. Love of the Earth and all its beauty. Love of all that’s good. Love of your imaginative power to create a better place in space. Take refuge in this Truth.


Here’s how your Sun sign will be influenced for the next 6-months by this powerful Pisces Eclipse on February 26, 2017 at 6:58am PST/2:58pm GMT.



You have some choices to make in your life. Choose for you, not what you think other people want from you. You are on a new path of independence with a lot of insight to keep you fascinated with what’s unfolding.



Let go of what’s happened in the past. Your emotional health depends on this. And if you think you can get away with putting on a good face or an angry face, you’ll find it’s not going to do anything. Dig deep and listen.



Your future aspirations and your circle of friends are your guides. You’re not working alone for a long while ahead. Give and receive what’s important to you.



So much pressure to be – what? You feel a calling to advance toward whatever success means to you. Aim for your greatest dream. This is an exciting development in the vision that’s your real life!



What new and exciting? Something you haven’t done, but always wanted to? Your world is expanding to reveal new perspectives. It’s going to seem strange at first. But you won’t regret what happens next.



There’s a lot of confidential information being shared behind closed doors. You’re learning to work things out in a new way that will rub out any tarnish that’s covered your shine. Open your heart to all that is.



Relationships demand more of you. It’s easier to work on your own and keep all the details to yourself. But that won’t ultimately serve you. Cooperation with others leads to a greater sum than your individual value. It makes sense.



The details need your attention. Your health and well-being are part of that. How you envision a new way to be more productive will keep you in balance. Tune in to you.



Lighten up and let yourself laugh more. Intensity isn’t the only driver in your life. Intimacy with all that makes you happy, makes work easier to get done. Life is a game, isn’t it? Make it fun.



Freedom begins where you start the day. Maybe there’s a space for you to create a meditation space in your home. Clear away clutter and anything from the past. What do you need more of?



A lot is going on in your daily living and work. There are people who linger in your mind as poignant reminders of the interconnectedness of all things. Hold on to that while getting even more organized. You need every minute that you can create.



Money matters. And it can appear and disappear in delightful ways. Put your attention on the science of abundance. It’s there for you if you pay attention to it and listen to its message.


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