Ring of Fire Reality Eclipse | September 1, 2016

A ring of fire surrounds the Virgo Moon as it eclipses the Sun to form the final solar eclipse of 2016. The Moon will block the Sun for 3 minutes, 6 seconds, and offer an opportunity to reboot your life.

This Virgo solar eclipse ties in with the other solar eclipse this year. The Pisces solar eclipse on March 8, 2016, opposed this eclipse by sign. Also, Pisces’ ruler, Neptune is also in a very close opposition to this eclipse.

Virgo is precise and Pisces is vague, but they are united by the desire to help others. When they work together, they’re a healing force for good. The Mercury in Virgo retrograde that began August 30 is also influenced by Pisces (here’s a free mini-course I created for you to learn more about this retrograde).

Saturn is approaching a final square with Neptune on September 10. So this solar eclipse is now a part of the final Saturn/Neptune message and offers an opportunity for a personal evolutionary leap. You are becoming aware of an old situation for what it is, to now address the truth.

Since Virgo loves perfectionism, when life appears to not be working out perfectly, Virgo can then give up trying to improve things and put blame on what’s getting in the way. You may notice an increase in stories about pain, in your own life and around you, and how it happened.

Saturn draws you back from the abyss of Virgo victimhood and the Pisces habit of escapism. Restrictions in your life are the limitations of Saturn that bring your attention to how you “lose” yourself and waste your energy. You can make life easier by avoiding habits, food, and beliefs that bring you down. Saturn’s tough love will always let you know that no one will do what you need to do for yourself.

Think back to the last time there was a Virgo solar eclipse on this day, 19 years ago on September 1, 1997. You may remember it well. It was the day after Princess Diana died from injuries from a car crash. Mercury was also retrograde in Virgo at the time but was very close to the solar eclipse. Fortunately, with this eclipse, Mercury retrograde is closely aligned with positive Jupiter.

Do you remember what was important to you back in 1997? Do you see how it’s evolved in these 19 years? How would you like to open to more of what’s important to you?

You can read this week’s horoscope to learn more about the influences this week and read about how this Virgo eclipse will affect your life in the next 6 months ahead.

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