Sagittarius First Quarter Moon of Greater Meaning

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius at 1:13am PDT/4:13am EDT/9:13am GMT


A quarter lunar cycle has waxed since the intense Leo new moon solar eclipse last week. Yearning for more truth, the Sagittarius Moon spurs the next phase of greater understanding.


It’s time to make adjustments in how you approach the area where the eclipse activated your focus. You know you need to get busy but you’re still finding your path.


Keep your attention on what feeds your soul and sustains you.


It will lead you to the next step of what you need to do. If it’s real, it’s sticking around. If there’s something better, it’s going to wash away like the catastrophic floods in Texas.


The Great American Eclipse is in effect for another 6 months and will continue to be triggered by transiting planets. You can see it in leaders who’re quick to act and demonstrate more power.


Last Friday, Saturn in Sagittarius went direct on President Trump’s Moon. This also activated Saturn’s transiting opposition with the United States natal Mars that loves to war so much. Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler is also strong and making everything larger and continuously expanding.


Karmic consequences are coming to pass and unfortunately this isn’t going to lessen the burden for the American people. There is real and present danger in this week before the Pisces Full Moon on September 6. An escalating aggressive drama unfolds.


Tensions haven’t been resolved and so obstacles may seem to keep cropping up until another way to respond is chosen. Times of trouble open our compassionate hearts to recognize the truth that exists beyond what can be labeled.


As Mercury rewinds to the exact degree of the Leo Solar Eclipse before it turns direct on September 5, your full truth is coming to light.


You aren’t alone in the world. There are 7 billion mirrors out there who are reflecting parts of you to understand and grow with on the continuing roller coaster of life.


Let go of how you want life to look and discover a new way to use your heart to empower the change you want to see.


Sure, you’re a little disillusioned.


Every detail is getting your attention. It’s a complete Virgo review to feel clean and reorganized for the new season arriving on September 22, when the Sun moves into Libra.


You’re discerning what works.


You’re opening your mind to how things can work against the grain and deliver more heartfelt outcomes. Yes, there’s a lot of noise, passionate critique, and nervous restlessness. And you may wonder if any of this is real?


It’s not a secure time but you must move forward with what you know.


You’re learning, as everyone is learning. Someone out there needs you to act on what’s important to you.



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