Taurus New Super Moon: Your Infinite Potential

Taurus Super New Moon, April 26, 2017 at 5:16am PDT/8:16am EDT/1:16pm GMT.


Amid all the chaos, something beautiful is beginning in your life. Pulsing closer to the Earth, the Venus ruled New Super Moon in Taurus gives you a potent seed to create more of what you value with your whole heart and soul.


Super earthly goodness is infused in this first of three consecutive Super New Moons of 2017.


A Super Moon is either a New or Full Moon that’s closer than 225,027 miles from the Earth. You’re mostly water. And you’re born from a watery womb. Like the intensified sea tides, you’re also affected by the pull of lunar phases.


These three Super New Moons bring elemental medicine of earth, air, and water.


You’re grounded on Earth with the stability of this Taurus Super Moon. You’ve gotten clearer about what you really want from the trials of the past Venus retrograde.


The air of the Super Gemini New Moon on May 25 will lift you beyond any perceived limitations. And the water of the Cancer New Super Moon on June 23 will deepen your understanding of how it all flows together.


Everything is changing around you but you are standing strong in the storm.


Venus, now direct and moving full speed ahead, cleansed you with the painful lessons of the past weeks. Lovely Venus is in her most magical form, in the final degree of the zodiac, at 29° Pisces. You are aware of the possibilities only you can ask for. Your imagination is your infinite resource. But you have to get clear about what you want to create and ask for help. Or how will it happen?


What are you ready to commit to wanting?

Let’s get serious about manifesting dreams and do an exercise I’ve worked with and made my own, from Sonia Choquette. Take a moment to reflect on your current goals and priorities.


Taurus is the energy of manifestation. Make a wish list of what you want. Get some paper and pen and write down 21 things that you want. Do it quickly to let it flow from your deepest longing. This is for YOU and what you want support on.


Then the next day, review your list and rewrite the 18 wishes that are important to you. On the third day, do the same process and reduce your list to 15. On the fourth day, write down your most important 12 wishes. On the fifth day write down 9 of those desires you really want help with.


On day six, write down 6 of the most important wishes you’ve distilled. Finally, on day seven, reduce this list to the 3 most vital wishes that you want to create. Write these 3 wishes on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you’ll see it every day for another 7 days and repeat the following prayer:


I ask all that’s Good to guide me in the fulfillment of these 3 wishes. I am open to guidance. I expect guidance. I will trust this guidance and I will act on the guidance I receive that’s aligned to fulfill these desires. Feel the gratitude for the help you are receiving from the Infinite.


You’ll discover or remember the tremendous creative power of writing down what you want. In this crazy world, it’s too easy to forget who you are and the power you have to effect change. This new lunar cycle increases the focus on what’s important to YOU as Venus moves into Aries tomorrow and Mercury will move forward in Aries on May 3.


Somehow you’re taking charge and initiating your personal changes in bold new ways. Clarity about what those changes are is coming.


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