Third Quarter Moon: Thriving On Your Cosmic Adventure

Eclipse “season” is always an extra potent time for personal transformation. And this Third Quarter Moon, Saturday at 11:33am PST/7:33pm GMT, signals a change in the intensifying cosmic weather.


You are at the midpoint between last week’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and the upcoming powerful Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26.


This final week of the lunar cycle begins when the Moon moves into the adventurous push of Sagittarius and 41 minutes later, the Sun enters into the fluid, universal truth of Pisces.


Maybe you’re reflecting on how far you have come and how you quickly you’re advancing with the multifaceted energy of others, known and unknown. There are millions of potential collaborators with their own unique contribution and vision who are looking to work with you.


But get your affirmations ready and schedule your self-care. The worldwide stage is likely to reveal the tensions that have been festering for a while, in the next week. Yes, situations are going to become even more volatile and intense.


Nothing outside of you will keep you from swimming on with your dreams in the stormy seas. Life is one swelling wave to ride after another. Loosen your grip on the need for outer security. It’s you, your trust and the confluence of life, all in the same sea of ever-present change.


Instead, seize the opportunity to dissolve your old, tired, psychological inner-barriers that have limited your infinity. You know the trouble spots.


Now solutions will appear. Different perspectives are arising. A new way of looking at something very familiar. Funny, it was there all along!


What’s real anymore? You’re immersed in a sustained collective experiment. Everything is changing about how you’re perceiving what’s around and within you.


Holding on to your old ideals will limit you. How can you keep a sense of adventure, stay present and not check out, and open up to possibilities you hadn’t considered?


Flexibility is key. You’ll find clever ways to thrive in these storms. Embrace your unlimited potential as we journey into the unlimited realm of Pisces. There are important messages for you to receive.



Look at where Sagittarius and Pisces are in your chart and what they are pushing in your life. Aren’t sure what this means?


I’d love to hear from you and share how this Last Quarter Moon and Pisces Solar Eclipse are impacting your life. Let’s schedule to talk via phone, FaceTime, or Skype for a 15 minutes, soul to soul. And if you want to continue from there, I’ll offer you a sweet discount on any of my life mentoring packages. No obligation, ever.


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