Relationship Truths Come to Light

JUNE 30 HOROSCOPE – Your desires are strong and passionate today with the Moon still in determined Taurus, now in aspect with ruling Venus and Mars. You want what you want and you are ready to make that clear.

You’re grounded and confident with who you are. You’re strengthened by the evolving grand earth trine that was dominant in early May. You’ve been empowered to claim what’s important to you as you’ve recognized what you value.

The difference between May and your life now is Mars is direct and in Scorpio. In May, it was retrograde in fiery Sagittarius. The month of May was a time of inner focus on how to integrate your personal energy to find a way to express your will. It was a frustrating period and it may have felt like you’d never fully align with your power.

Now that Mars is direct, you have access to the deeply penetrating directive of Mars in Scorpio. It may feel like you’re wholly connected to this energy as the Moon in Taurus opposes Mars. Oppositions are 180º angles that are like looking in the mirror. You see a reflection of what’s important for you to deal with directly.

Sensitive Venus in Cancer is also in opposition to the transformative power of Pluto in Capricorn. What may seem like a huge disappointment is actually a blessing that will move you in a better direction. As you move into your full power, you see who really has your back and who was really a phony all along.

Use the perceptive power of Mars in Scorpio and the clarity of Pluto to see the truth of the situations around you that are stirring your emotions. Pay attention to how you feel. You need to trust your Cancer-ruled gut on this.


  • Moon in Taurus sextile Venus in Cancer at 4:57am PDT/12:57pm GMT/11:57am AEST
  • Moon in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn at 6:18am PDT/2:18pm GMT/1:18am AEST
  • Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo at 7:20am PDT/3:20pm GMT/2:20am AEST
  • Moon in Taurus opposite Mars in Scorpio at 5:19pm PDT/1:19am GMT/12:19pm AEST
  • Moon void of course in Taurus at 5:19pm PDT/1:19am GMT/12:19pm AEST
  • Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto at 8:31pm PDT/4:31am GMT/3:31pm AEST
  • Moon in Taurus sextile Chiron in Pisces at 8:54pm PDT/4:54am GMT/3:54pm AEST

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