5 Ways To Get Clarity On Something

Life swirls with energy and opportunity to discover more about ourselves. But we can’t do it all – we have to be selective where we put our energy, to maximize our growth with the best use of our precious life energy.

How do you know what the next best step is for you? Here are some of the ways I get clear on what I need to do next:

  1. Write down what you want to clear up. Sometimes we aren’t clear within because we don’t have the full story. When you write something out, it gets your mind, heart, and body communicating so that all parts of you are heard. When you see the words on paper, patterns emerge and you can understand it more completely.

  3. Get a good night’s sleep. This may seem simple, but give it a chance. Clearly state in your mind that you want to be really certain about and then let it go so that you can close your eyes and relax into a deep sleep. Have a pen and paper next to your bed and write down whatever you dreamed or occurred you as you awaken to a new day.

  5. Take a walk. You are an energetic being that needs to ground to the Earth, or your energy will just buzz around your heart and brain and only make you feel crazy and uncertain! Walking moves your feet, legs, hips and energy in the chakras to move anything that was stagnant and bring in new energy.

  7. Ask for an answer. Set your intention in motion, and send out a prayer, by posing the question that you want a definitive answer about. Then pay attention to everything that crosses your path. You can get clear on something by reading the answers that are all around you. Since I live close to nature, I look for whatever animals I encounter after my question. In the city, you might see something on the sidewalk, or certain words, numbers repeatedly popping up.

  9. Consult an oracle. If you have an oracle deck around, tarot, sacred geometry, animals to name a few of the many or ask me for a quick reading on the question. Close your eyes and repeat your question in your mind, and then choose a card – and then pick the card before and after the card you chose. The card you initially chose will give you commentary on your question and reflect where you are right now with the question. The card that preceded it will tell you what led to this question and the card that followed it will tell you what it’s moving toward. For example, to write this post, I used the Yantra Wisdom deck with empowering affirmations. I picked the Gayatri card, meaning, “Bringing healing light towards you,” and the affirmation, “I am pure light.” The card preceding that was Mangala (Mars), which indicated the reason I chose to write this post for you, “Confidence to express true needs and wants from life,” and the affirmation, “I am courageous.” The card following the Gayatri card is Sukra (Venus), meaning what is evolving from this post, “Brilliant light/Muse of creative expression,” with the affirmation, “I am inspiring.” So there’s the clarity – my intention is to express how to skillfully manage life, by bringing pure light to you, and inspire you!

Enjoy your growing clarity in all areas of your life!

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