2018: Your Revolutionary Evolution

After a year of constant change, the new year enters with encouragement and motivation to move with the turbulence and direct your energy to create significant personal transformation.


As the luminous Cancer Super Full Moon (January 1 at 6:24pm PST/9:24pm EST/2:24am GMT) begins the year larger and closer than it will be for the rest of 2018, you’re inspired by strong emotional insights that will continue to glow within as the months progress.


From the final days of 2017 into the first weeks of 2018, Venus, the planet of resources and love, joins with the light of the Sun in Capricorn to build a new ideal as they cozy up to Pluto, the potent transformer pointing you to evolve by letting go of the old for true renewal.


Capricorn seeks stability in business, government, and the environment. Pluto, the intense and unrelenting teacher of collective rebirth, has been moving through serious Capricorn since 2008.


Already you’ve seen evidence of Pluto as toxic cultural and economic patterns have come to light.


We are now deep in this period of rapid transformation, similar to Pluto’s last visit to Capricorn from 1762 to 1778.


Once again, a collective desire for independence is influencing ideas and revolutions around the globe. Success is possible, even in the face of powerful oppressors and conditions.


Integrating all parts of you opens your full power. You are more than you give yourself credit for.


Ready or not, Uranus is ready to fan the fires of revolutionary disruption. 2018 promises to be an exciting year that breaks tradition and blazes a new path of living.


Retrogrades are like regeneration phases focused on the emphasis of the retrograde planet.


Since Uranus went retrograde on August 2, you may have been reflecting on what freedom means to you. Uranus moving forward in the “I am” sign of Aries signals this a year to be unapologetically you.


Throughout 2018 you’ll strengthen your confidence to engage unique and even chaotic situations.


Life in this decade hasn’t been the same since Uranus and Pluto aligned seven times from June 24, 2012 to March 16, 2015 at 8° – 15° of Aries and Capricorn.


2018 offers opportunities to find remedies for problems that haven’t reached full resolution.


Saturn in Capricorn will move through the range of the Uranus/Pluto square on February 23 through June 13, and will return on November 22 through February 2019.


Your attention to persisting social, cultural, financial and ecological issues during most of 2018.


Saturn is stern and intent on correction with its current transit through Capricorn. This is a critical time in your personal development and what you share with the world. This is a year of enormous responsibility on multiple fronts.


Saturn will conjoin Pluto and square Uranus in the next 18 months. Before that, Mercury, Venus and Mars will activate your desire for true freedom in areas where you’ve felt restrained.


Mercury and Venus in Aries will move through the Uranus/Pluto zone March 10 – 20 and emphasize the need for independence through actionable words and resources.


Mercury will retrograde on March 22 and revisit the Uranus/Pluto zone until April 8 and offer additional insights on how words and money empower your individual expression.


Mars in Capricorn enters the Uranus/Pluto transit degrees on March 28, conjoins Saturn on April 2.


The end of March and beginning of April is a hotspot to pay attention to with the Libra Full Moon on March 31 urging balance and impulse control. Frustration won’t lead to peace. Prudent fearless action will give you constructive results.


Your words are especially potent after the Mercury retrograde ends and it returns to the Uranus/Pluto point April 22 through May 3.


Venus opposes Saturn May 25 to reckon how you’ve been managing your resources. Mercury opposes Saturn on June 15 and defines the seriousness of the conversation. The Sun opposes Saturn on June 27 for you to observe how perceptions limit or enhance circumstances.


Lovely Venus moves through the Uranus/Pluto zone in Libra from August 13 – 23 and reminds how love transcends fear and judgment.


The contacts with Uranus/Pluto lessen in intensity as they spread out from the cluster of March/April/May events.


Mercury and the Sun meet these points from September 25 through the Libra New Moon on October 8.


Exchanges of energy are in focus this year.


Everyone is accountable. Pay attention to your finances. Money is energy. Everything you’re careless about will be a constant challenge until you pay attention. What you attend to will thrive and what you ignore will ultimately dominate your thoughts.


Change has been inevitable.


Now that it’s obvious you live in a volatile time, you’re inspired to pursue innovations on new frontiers.


You’re encouraged to stretch yourself while being sober and disciplined. You’re uncompromising and doing more with less. Life in 2018 may seem outwardly tough yet it can feel inwardly free.


2018 is the year to be responsive to your individual power to create change on your own.


Review your goals as you start this year. And continue to examine them. Your perspective is changing. The more you respond to life, the more it will respond to you. So get busy and make the most of this pivotal year of your revolutionary evolution.


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