Aries Full Moon: Harvest of the Peaceful Warrior

Harvest Moon – Aries Full Moon October 5 at 11:40am PDT/2:40pm EDT/7:40pm


And again we return to the beginning. Moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is empowered, electrified and benevolently illumined to find a peaceful way to honor humanity with its opposition the Libra Sun.


Without rest, your understanding about your needs and how they can be patiently worked out with others continues.


The aggressive Mars-ruled Aries Moon balanced with the delights of Venus-ruled Libra is chastened with the message of Virgo discernment.


Venus and Mars unite in the high mind of Virgo two hours before this Full Moon.


With this sacred marriage coinciding with the opposition of the Full Moon, you become a grounding conduit for energy that seeks to serve humanity in the thrust of its massive transformation.


Your highest potential is being clarified. It may not be the easy path, but it will be one of noble fulfillment.


Love is in how you choose to direct your mind. It’s in your skillful courage and willingness to take the long road that promises more fruitful results.


Reassurance is within.


It’s in the details of what you cherish. It’s through passionately questioning how life can become better.


There’s no rest to bask in the glow of this Moon. More information streams in for assimilation.


Since you gotta do something, use this volatile catalytic energy to ignite your service in the world.


Yet remember how the polarity of the Full Moon is a vulnerable time for your psyche. With your desire to put things in order, accept how much of the outcome can’t be controlled.


Allow the courageous fuel of Aries to gracefully face the flow of everything head-on that comes your way for correction.


The answers are as present as the bountiful harvest of all that has been cultivated and is now ripe to receive.


(This post is a bit shorter than usual as I am on the road and preparing for my son’s wedding on October 7th!)