At the Crossroads with Capricorn Mother Father Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon, on July 8/9, 2017 at 9:06pm PDT/12:06am EDT/4:06am GMT.


The Sun and Moon align on either side of the Earth for a tough love rebirth with the Capricorn Full Moon.


Cancer and Capricorn are the parental signs of the zodiac. And they’re stirring you up to urge you a bit more into the evolving thrust of life.


Intensity didn’t happen overnight. And it won’t end for awhile.


It started back in 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn for a 15-year visit. The current serious Capricorn Moon now aligns with the penetrating power Pluto, as it does every month.


But this time it reflects more light on the influences vying for control as it opposes the willful combination of passionate Sun and Mars in Cancer.


This potent dynamic is further expanded by the wide crossing opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, still close to Eris, setting up a Cardinal Grand Cross crossroads, that’s pressuring you to make some very conscious choices about how you proceed.


So much information has come to light since the Cancer Super New Moon pushed you deeper into the complexity of what’s real for you. You’ve learned a lot about the real motivations of those around you. And yes, more is still coming to the surface as this lunar phase wanes in the following two weeks and releases more information for your ultimate renewal.


Pluto gets a bad rap for being ruler of the underworld, representing the unsavory secrets of life.  Pluto reveals the most corrupt and wicked elements into our consciousness with the purpose of exposing these toxic details to catalyze personal growth.


If you’re intent on creating a life that continues to evolve to fulfill your greatest potential, Pluto in Capricorn is your ally. Capricorn is the stabilizing builder of power structures. And Pluto, the transformer, is breaking down and reforming those power structures. Because they haven’t been working serve all the people.


You have the power of choice.


You can invest in destructive habits and engorge your fears. Or you can strive to improve your life with honest assessment and push deeper into your infinite creative possibilities.


This magnificent Capricorn Full Moon urges you to be practical and focus on what’s best for you. This may not be the easiest. It may be the hardest. But there is a way.


The blessing here is that a triangle of stable Saturn, dwarf planets feminine warrior Eris, and self-motivated Vesta have your back. This benevolent support is helping you to transcend the poison in your life.


Coincidentally, Vesta and the North Node are supporting the flame of personal destiny that will receive even more energy with the total Leo Solar eclipse on August 21.


They’re also aligned with the most recent Lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10, 2017. (Here’s a link to a timeline for you to refer to events related to the Trump/Russia controversy after the full moon Leo Lunar Eclipse). Everything is connected.


There isn’t any shelter from change.


You only have a choice in how you’re going to respond to it. And that’s why Pluto is your ally. You have the opportunity to experience real joy because you are being pressed to face your pain and thoroughly eliminate it.


No excuses, no sweet manipulation, no illusion will keep you from the shattering reckoning that Pluto is delivering. Don’t even try to resist the push to make important decisions about your life that begin with your own self-preservation. Renew your vows to love yourself wholly and completely.


And stop trying to figure out how anything “should” turn out and who deserves what. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Open to the greater, infinite force of good. Ask for help. And then just let go. Surrender. Quiet your mind. Stop arguing. Drop your fight. Restore your power.


You’ll be able to receive something better than you ever imagined.


Listen to how you’re able to express your honest feelings. No one is dominating you. And with all the truth on the table, you can create the mutually fulfilling relationships that are naturally evolving.


More and more, we need each other to create a freer world of balanced power. And we’ve got this easier, together, if we can honest about what’s going on and do our own personal best to uplevel our integrity and bring our whole selves into this game of life.


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