Intimacy Speaks: First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

Are you feeling the heat of life’s smoldering intensity?


This First Quarter Moon in Scorpio is powerful fuel to energize all that you love.


The hot Leo Sun fans your flames of passion as eclipse season begins.


Your intimate yearnings are simmering under this solar surge. Your emotions are stirring new experiences.


The week begins with some subtle but noticeable shifts.


You see the potential of what’s been right in front of you, now in a different light. This by itself is permanently altering your perspective.


So consider the planetary teachers of the week.


The Moon in Scorpio in is the focal point for this phase of the lunar cycle, with its ruthless ruler, Pluto. Pluto is in Capricorn.


Capricorn is ruled by the structure of Saturn. Saturn is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by the largess of Jupiter. Jupiter is in Libra.


Libra is ruled by pleasure-seeking Venus. And Venus is in Gemini and happily aligned with the inventive energy of Uranus.


Gemini is ruled by questioning Mercury. Mercury is in Virgo which is also ruled by Mercury, thus revealing the final depositor of insight.


The way you process your thoughts is changing.


Yes, it makes sense. You know you’ve needed this impulse to expand your life into full blossom.


Your understanding is developing through your evolving perspective. By expanding your considerations and doing more of what you love, you’ll support your clarity of mind.


Old issues can be observed with new objectivity. Venus and Uranus are holding your hand to take a risk with something different.


Something that fulfills your soul’s longing. Something that’s been there all along that you hadn’t been ready to see the truth of — until now.


Beauty is in the play of light and shadow.


The new effects fascinate you and ripple through every dimension of your being.


You’re discovering freedom in this fire.


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