Spring Equinox Last Quarter Moon of New Growth & Horoscopes for Week of March 20 – 26

The last quarter phase of the Moon offers a chance to review life and make progress with new information about old concerns. Like a fine wine, the wisdom of your experience is working itself into your outlook for a new taste of who you are.


And there’s so much to savor right now! Whichever hemisphere you’re in, your week starts with a change of season. You return to a new balance as the Sun enters Aries Monday morning at 3:29am PDT/11:29am GMT, signifying the equal day/night hours of the Vernal Equinox.


Shortly after the Sun enters courageous Aries, the Moon moves into Capricorn, giving a signal to create a plan for your future goals. Discipline over time is what will bring your new growth into being. This is a week to review your long-term needs. You’ll have new opportunities on the horizon that’ll need new clarity.


And another, rarer cyclical event caps the week, when the Sun in Aries meets Venus retrograde in Aries on Saturday. This is like a new moon for Venus as it begins another 8-year creative cycle with the Sun in Aries.


The movement of Venus been observed and recorded since ancient times. Every 8 years on Earth, Venus completes an orbit of the Sun 13 times. Every rotation around the Sun creates a petal in the 5-petaled design that’s complete every 8 years.


The numbers 5, 8, and 13 are found in the Fibonacci sequence, and are considered special numbers that form the golden ratio (1.618) found in nature, art, architecture, sculpture, anatomy, and even financial systems. Venus represents beauty, relating and resources in a multitude of ways.

Pentagram of Venus

The conjunction of Venus and the Sun in Aries has happens every 8 years and jump forward 3 signs to conjunct every 18 months. Think back to late March of 2009, 2001, 1993, 1985, 1977, 1969, 1961, and beyond. How were you listening to your own interests in these years when Venus initiated a new cycle?


A new season begins with an extra emphasis on the gifts of Venus. How can you create harmony and beauty within and with others? You’re exploring your emotional, spiritual and financial resources and defining what you need and what you really desire.


This is a good time to look at where Venus is in your chart and where it’s moved or is being aspected by the current transits.


Embrace the new while remembering the lessons of the past. Share your thoughts about what you love. Remove any old baggage that has shielded and buried your heart. Beauty can never be destroyed. Find your special nectar and share it with whatever sparks your desires.




Here are your horoscopes for the week. Read your Sun, Moon and ascendant sign to interpret what’s up for you.




You’re fired up about all of life. There’s a lot of opportunity to look at how you project yourself in the world. Where are you getting results and what doesn’t match your interests? You are learning to tend your own fire. You don’t want anyone to get burned and you want to keep your favorite interests aglow. No need to rush anything. Plan for the long term and set up the structures that will be sustainable over time. Relationships with others are very important for the long term.



As much as you like security, some parts of life can’t be tied down right now. You’d like to plan all your ideas and get them sprouting, but there’s more information to receive first. The energy of spring is surging and will bring old, maybe previously discarded forms to life. You in a discovery phase to explore the buried roots of your creative investments of the past. Be a witness, feel what you feel and take it all as insight to be carried into the new burgeoning season ahead.



Life may feel like a community bonfire. There’s strength in numbers, yet why do you feel like you’re all alone? Find the “me” in “career outcome” and review all that’s possible for you to facilitate. You’re fired up about a lot of things and you’ll need to stay busy on what you can do. After Mercury moves into the shadow phase on Sunday before it’s next retrograde on April 9, your thoughts and plans will slow down to a near halt. Embrace your busy life now and juggle all that’s going on.



After a long while of staying cool in the nurturing waters of life, you may feel like you were picked up and given a new habitat. Everyone is looking to you to what you offer. This is what you wanted, right? Now to juggle your success without burning out. Since being in the light is so helpful for others, maybe it’s time to take your courage to something even more daunting. If you find yourself being crabby about all the attention, remember how far you’ve come. Your audience wants to know how you got here. Focus on that.



Forget work and pay attention to your dreams. Adventure beckons and will you answer? It’s time to think about your boldest steps forward. You don’t need to know what you’ll find. Trusting your passion to explore new perspectives in life is what matters. What’s unfamiliar will become familiar. So what scares you? Learn more about what that is. Explore it as if it’s something that you want to integrate into your being. Because you will. Go on. You’ll be grateful you did.



What is power? You may feel obsessively aware of the big issues in life. The people who have crossed your path and lingered or faded away, have all meant something to you. How you hold the reflections of your past expenses, lives and what still sticks with you, gives you information about the secrets of how it’s all interwoven into the beautiful tapestry that’s your unique life. Remember more of what you’ve inherited from the past. You are wealthier than you think.



Some relationships have fallen away during this Venus retrograde. This week you may realize there’s still something to treasure about at least one you thought had faded away. The truth of everything is within you and in the moment. It doesn’t all have to make sense for the long term. What matters is that you listen for the messages about something you’ve cast away in the past and are now looking at again with another perspective. Balance is strengthened by flexibility. Your old judgments don’t apply to your new situations.



You revisit the simple pleasures this week. You’ve made some recent changes to your daily regimen. Now you’re feeling the difference in your overall health, physical body and mental outlook. You demand a lot of yourself (and everyone else!) and the stresses of being you may have taken away from your active goals. This week clears that up with your reaffirmation of your highest intentions and letting intense projects with others move in flux. Life is fluid. Giving others more space to work with what comes up helps them contribute to the big picture and bigger respect from you.



Playfulness revisited. What gives you a sense of mischief and impulse to explore? Life continues to roll with excitement in new forms and understanding. With all the information adding logs to your creative fire, you’re still wondering what you’re going to do with the growing energy? Consider what inspires you. What makes you excited to be alive at this time? Follow your joy this week. New inspiration is there for you if you’re not sure what it is. Consider how all life really is a stage. You’re preparing for one your great entrances.



Some contracts were written long ago. You’re reminded of a commitment your soul has promised for this life. Your core intentions are realigning this week. Think back to late March of 2009. Then, like now, you got clear on the goals that really mean something to you. This time, you have the perspective of the past and what did or didn’t happen since then. You begin anew, this time with an even more profound awareness of your limited time to fulfill your promise to yourself. Use this week to clear out the non-essential filler your heart has been trying to feel through. Get to the heart of everything you care about in your life. You’re reawakening the nurturance it needs to blossom.



Life is in flux right now. Yes, that’s a good thing. Everything in your day-to-day life is getting an intense review. What’s taking up too much time for too little reward? Let it go. Simplify every detail of your existence and liberate anything that’s holding you back. You’re ready for something entirely different, but first you’ll want to identify the roots of what you want to move beyond. What kind of community is ideal for you? Do you want to be sharing more with your neighbors or is your local world already too much right now? There’s something close by that you want more of. Rediscover what that is this week.



The door to the past has closed and you have moved into a new space in time. What do you want to see more of in your life? This is a time to build on real goals. Don’t look for what you seek in the external world. You are creating a special inner nectar with your Infinite resources. To do that, take one part basic comforts and one part brave risk-taking impulse and mix that up until it’s a soothing balm for your co-creative soul. Apply it every evening and morning to embrace your new future.


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