Tending Your Light To Do It Right With Last Quarter Moon in Cancer

Last Quarter Cancer Moon on October 12 at 5:25am PDT/8:25am EDT/1:25pm GMT


Another quarter phase of the Moon turns to reveal new understanding. Last Quarter Moon in Cancer unveils powerful emotions to process about what’s going on in your life. You’re discovering how to make use of what you know to be true.


Perhaps you’re experiencing some loss.


Maybe you’re feeling deep love and commitment. Profound feelings in every aspect of life rise to the surface as you face what you cannot control.


After a remarkable week celebrating my son’s love-affirming wedding in Napa, California, clouds of smoke signaled a terrible shift as the Diablo winds fanned ferocious fires all around the region and ignited the worst fire in the state’s history.  As I write, the flames are still creeping closer to my mom’s home. What nurtures and seemed secure is changing.


Quarter Moons are squares that require adjustment.


On Monday, Mercury and the Sun squared Pluto. And the current Moon in Cancer squares Pluto just before the Last Quarter Moon. Pluto is the cosmic composter. He teaches how to tear down the old and build anew. Pluto shows what really matters.


Added bountiful transformative power arrived Tuesday morning as giant Jupiter moved into Pluto-ruled Scorpio for a yearlong stay. The scary issues of life are rising to the surface for release and somehow, for your greater good.


Your good fortune is in the hidden issues.


It’s time to address your fears before they overwhelm you. Dig into the underlying causes. Unlock more of your power by figuring out who and what supports your interests.


You may feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Active Mars in thinking Virgo brings up fears of being stalled as it squares stern Saturn.


Squares are 90-degree angles that block the expression of the planets involved. The slower moving planet rejects the values of the faster-moving planet. And the faster-moving planet may feel boxed in until it can find another way. Squares create discomfort to encourage readjustment.


Your emotions (Moon) may feel at odds with what your sense of self (Sun) reports is appropriate. Your entire being is under the intensity of a soul-awakening infusion. While your thoughts (Mercury) and desires (Venus) make your next steps forward (Mars) seem burdened by a heavy reality (Saturn).


Situations are weighted and seeking balance.


But you’re not giving up. You’re determined to find another way. Solar flares are adding more fuel to your transformative fire.


You’re taking action. And when you act, you’ll get a lot done. More changes are on the horizon because of what’s already in motion and pushing for your evolution. You’re feeling the ramifications of life’s many disruptions deeply. Something is lost, yet something new is being born that is so precious and beautiful.


With the focus on the unyielding precision of Pluto and taskmaster Saturn, you have to attend to all the weak points. There’s no avoiding life. Both Pluto and Saturn mean serious life-changing business. You’re an infinite being that’s here for a reason. You’re learning how to trust your spiritual essence in this heavy, dense, physical world. It takes effort. It takes personal strength and discipline too.


Examine what you feel. Don’t be afraid to look.


Ask how you can improve the situations you’re faced with. Your mind will find solutions for the difficult issues if you don’t waste it on worry and put it to work instead. More surprises are coming. Let the truth of what’s going on sink in and catalyze your next steps.


You’re promised rewards that will come so sweetly from facing the painful ugly stuff of life. Keep your inner light aglow and do what needs to be done to make a difference.


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