Last Quarter Moon in Pisces: Calling All Angels

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, June 17, 2017 at 4:33am PDT/7:33am EDT/12:33pm GMT.

The weather has shifted from the unpredictable Uranus influence of the recent Aquarius Moon. Situations are quickly evolving with the increase in the number of mutable planets with the Moon now in Pisces.

The information that swirls may seem disheartening.

Mutable Gemini Sun and Mercury give you titillating clues. Mutable Saturn in Sagittarius pushes for the truth. And mutable Pisces Moon, Neptune, and Chiron bring new attention to the heavy suffering in the world.

This waning Last Quarter Moon in Pisces shifts your consciousness by helping you recognize where you are lost. In the world and in your personal life, you’re searching for new answers to restore your hope.

And Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, is about to turn retrograde Friday, 24 hours before the Last Quarter Moon on Saturday, making this an especially sensitive time. Neptune stationing retrograde adds a fog over the stew that’s already brewing. This combination could deepen scandals, poisoning, infections, and fears.

Neptune retrograde is actually very common and is present in about 40% of natal astrological charts. But since it’s going retrograde with the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, there’s an amplified message to retreat and heal the pains of life and find a spiritual solution or escape.

Escape is the pursuit of freedom from peril.

How you contain your will is vital right now. You have the power. Will you accept it and use it to ask for something better? Numbing your mind and heart is only an illusion of escape.

Freedom may be closer than you think. Smell a rose. Essential oils remind you of the essence of life. And they smell so heavenly while working on the subtle layers of your being in a delicate and magical way. (rose, rhododendron, cardamom, chamomile, and lotus have been my favorites lately – I don’t sell them, but I think Lotus Botanicals has the best value and quality)

Create a prayer. Finely tune a statement that affirms the truth you want to realize. Ask for help from an Angel. Be an Angel and comfort another. Like essential oils, these subtle practices feel good and then over time, you realize they’re really working to soothe your soul and connect you with other things that support you.

Information is streaming through this last week before the Super Cancer New Moon next Friday, June 23. With the summer solstice next Wednesday, June 21, it’s a time to notice the light within each and every person and act on ways to brighten the light even more and awaken full potential. Your life circumstances will quickly change in miraculous ways with your intentions and radiant imagination.

Difficulty shifts to harmony when you integrate your power and will to embrace the totality of your possibilities. You have a choice.

The battles that rage are challenging you to look beyond the material circumstances. You can no longer ignore how the physical is only one dimension of who you are.



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