Libra Full Moon: You Are the Change

Libra Full Moon, April 10/11, 2017 at 11:08pm PDT/7:08am GMT.

Potent and cathartic, this full moon is magnified by Jupiter and part of a cardinal cross by opposing the Sun, Uranus, and Eris, with Pluto and Juno opposite Vesta at a perpendicular angle. When planets align in concentrated patterns, it’s not a malefic event that makes life more difficult, it’s assistance in birthing a new phase of your life.

Expansive Moon in Libra is balancing the “I am” Aries truth.

The Sun in Aries, conjoined the feminine spiritual warrior Eris and root-pulling, change-making Uranus, are the fuel in revitalizing your personal power. You know your needs. Infused with the courage to partner with every aspect of your being, you can find the light and the way.

Reflections on the changes of the past 5 years offer more perspective.

Pluto and Juno and are pushing for a commitment for you to see and act on what you’ve learned from the changes of the Uranus/Pluto square that began in 2012. Notice if you need to jettison any lingering emotional baggage that’s been more of a pattern than an obligation.

Your purest potential is coming into being.

Mercury is retrograde and confusing communications. But Vesta in Cancer stands alone and clearly asks what protects your dignity? Maybe you’re unabashedly taking a stand for what matters and working to preserve what’s sacred. Even if you think you’re acting alone, somehow you know you’re supported in holding on to your devotion to a better way.

Amid all the changes and discord in the world, your imagination is always with you.

You’re free within to choose your identity. There is nothing to change but yourself. You are even more than what you have discovered. You are loosening your grip on old habits and memories so that you can define who you want to be.

The wisdom of this Venus-guided moon will follow you so you don’t forget.

Because Venus is retrograde and then direct next Saturday, all that you value is getting an extended healing review with Venus within a degree of wounded healer Chiron in Pisces for another week. Surrender to the integrity of your being. You can’t deny what’s true any longer.

Venus was conjunct Chiron the first time on January 24, when it was in forward motion. That was the beginning of the vulnerable awareness phase of understanding what opens your heart. You’ve learned so much since then.

You’re discovering your sacred truth.

Venus is also integrating the sober wisdom of Saturn by also being stalled at close angle with this serious teacher of self-discipline. Your pain will offer you greater consciousness and fulfillment if you choose to harness the power of your Self.

Listen to your dreams and higher guidance. Soften and receive the wisdom that’s speaking to you. Feel how you are a conduit for the limitless Source that moves with you to create new structures you couldn’t have imagined before.

Your true freedom will only be found through the fearless expression of who you are.

Fear is constricting and it’s kept you embedded in old patterns.

You have no need for exhausting, self-limiting, dysfunctional ways. They may be ancestral or karmic. Whatever they are, they must be transmuted into new awareness to allow your creative impulses to blossom.

Don’t try to shut down your surge of personal growth.

This is a huge cosmic push for greater good! Let go and allow it to take what was holding you back. Lighter and brighter, you’ll see your next best steps forward. Shed your fears. Life is too short and you have important things to do.

You are at a crossroad.

Will you allow yourself to get swept away by the crude lower dimensions of this noisy world? Or do you want to open to the beauty of who you are?

It’s up to you and your free will to decide what you want for you.

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