Libra New Moon: Love Heals In Surprising Ways

Libra New Moon at 26°Libra at 12:12pm PDT/3:12pm EDT/8:12pm GMT


A new lunar cycle begins with the unity of the Moon and the Sun in exact opposition with the surprises of Uranus. Your next month will be balanced by the unexpected!


Libra, ruled by lovely Venus, is a catalyst to create equanimity. Sometimes it takes surprising words and actions to open to true love and cultivate peace.


In relationships you understand yourself.


You are unique, but you aren’t alone. There are countless others who resonate with what’s important to you.


Libra inspires a deep breath of fresh cardinal air to get a new perspective on all the drama of life.


Part of this is to heal old patterns that are resurfacing for you to revisit with a different approach. The New Moon is at an awkward angle with Chiron, the wounded healer.  Yet the strength of Saturn helps you find another way.


Urgency is now a gift.


Libra is the journey of duality. And where else do you face your truth so palpably but in relationship? Words shared have enormous transformative power, with Mercury conjoining Jupiter in Scorpio. This is life. Are you fully living?


Intimate revelations deepen the meaning and significance of all life. In this past week you’ve witnessed the open sharing of formerly guarded secrets now being released by the revelations of others doing the same.


Injustice has permeated our lives for too many and for too long. We are one dysfunctional world family. Ultimately, only love will heal the distortions.


Unconditional self-love, passionate love, familial love, community love. Any love that opens you to share and receive without fearing the consequence.


The energy of change supports you as a conduit for continuous revelation and productive expression. You know what you don’t want. Plan for the bountiful potential of what you do want.


You are in constant relationship with something. Whether it’s your own mind and heart or something beyond you. There’s no strength in division. Even if you’re alone and nothing seems to be going right, connect with your imagination and watch your joy unfold.


You are lifted by perspective to fly above it all and find your perfect match.


Listen for words that divide. Counter them with words that unify. The answers are found on both sides.


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