Lunar Eclipse of Your Real Heart

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, August 7, 2017 at 11:10am PDT/2:10pm EDT/7:10am GMT


Eclipse season is in full thrust. Consciously or not, you’ve been preparing for this. You’ll remember August of 2017 for many Moons to come.


Uranus, ruler of the full Aquarius Moon, just went retrograde in late Aries and won’t move direct until 2018 dawns.


Uranus retrograde adds extra potency to the shadow of Earth eclipsing the solar light reflecting off this thoughtful Moon. The airy perspective of Aquarius fans your courage to fully show up for what’s important in your short lifespan on this fast-moving planet.


Your old way of living is becoming a distant pattern.


Something big is coming to fruit that’s opening up a new facet of your vitality. It’s expanding and growing within a simultaneous evolving collective.


Whatever’s been shielding your heart is breaking free. Fulfillment is eminently possible. Realizing this is intensifying your drive to wholly pursue your desires.


These times are insane. But you now see how liberating the dissolving constructs actually support who you are. You were in a box of expectations that no longer exist.


The message of Leo thrives in the electric light of the Aquarian Moon. The power of the collective heart is pulsing new life into what was stagnant and has been shifting since the Leo Lunar Eclipse on February 10, 2017.


You haven’t welcomed the unexpected, but it’s shaken your ridged precepts for more of you to emerge.


As your freedom expands, your need to make others conform to your beliefs is falling away. Mercury, planet of how things fire together, wire together, is also getting a reset by going retrograde this Saturday. There’s more to understand about how your beliefs have shaped your reality.


Set your intention to release your layers of old, crusted habits to fully renew your soul’s fire with the Leo New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on August 21.


Maybe read Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection and reflect on what it is to love and be loved. You are here for this. And regardless of your situation, you don’t have to do anything to experience the power of love.


Open and receive all that you are.


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