Resist Fear Assist Love with the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 10:31am PDT/1:31pm EDT/5:31pm GMT


The first quarter waxing Moon always gives a charge of energy.  After the Leo New Moon, this is the first push of understanding of your heart’s true desire.


The heat of the Sun and Venus in Leo squares off with the cooly penetrating Moon in Scorpio that creates a smoldering fire that’s still quite hot.


In a time of contrasts, Scorpio can easily see the good and the bad. Leo adds to the drama but raises your courage to love anyway.


Life is transforming. There are opportunities to build and blossom with your brave heart.


Everything that scares you can pull you into the passion of that fear. Those who cause pain come from weakness while you can come from strength and create love.


Because how you respond to another is how you respond to yourself. Choose to assist and strengthen love and peace will ripple across the globe.


This quarter moon points to how the best revenge is to keep your heart on the creative difference you can make. 


The planets are aligning to give you the boost you’ve been waiting for.


Sun in Leo is expanded by Jupiter and opens new doors of perspective to pounce on, with this first quarter Moon.


Venus in Leo keeps the inner Sun ablaze as she too is touched by the wisdom of Jupiter, the day after. 


The momentum will build as Jupiter stations direct on Sunday, the same day Uranus stations retrograde, and Mercury moves into Leo.


These are extraordinary times to initiate all the good you can conceive.


Go on! You’ve got this!


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