Sagittarius New Moon: Liberate Your Beginning

Sagittarius New Moon December 17/18, 2017 at 10:30pm PST/1:30am EST/6:30am GMT


It’s here! The Sagittarius New Moon conjoining our Galactic Center (GC) is the final lunar event of 2017 and your first opportunity to create a better 2018.


What wild dream enchants you? How will you empower your vision? In this crazy world, it’s time to actualize your unique purpose.


Aim for the stars and you’ll grow. You’re evolving beyond it all.


You have the opportunity to materialize your most cherished dreams. Intense feelings are pushing you to pursue what’s most important to you.


Energy increases to make the impossible very possible.


Now even more intensely, the Moon, Sun, and Mercury cluster in direct relationship with the Earth and Galactic Center. Karmic taskmaster Saturn emphasizes the need to crystallize and receive the feminine abundance of Venus.


Venus in Sagittarius emboldens your urge to learn more about life and widen your scope of personal possibility. Long-held wishes call to you.


Jupiter in Scorpio ensures your higher vision is felt deep within. Minor-planet Vesta is close to Jupiter and squaring the North/South nodal axis. You’re pulled to tend to the altar of your sacred fire.


Are you fulfilling your life purpose?


You’re more than a passenger on this beautiful planet.  You’re here to learn more. And it’s now regeneration time. What was hidden is now seen and heard in a new light of understanding.


Chiron in Pisces pushes you to experience a greater range of your emotions. Sometimes it’s not easy, but you’re learning what can be trusted and what needs your attention.


Emotional freedom is abundant when you happily move on what stimulates your heart and mind with the thrill of unknown horizons. Laughter and tears flow as you open to living your life fully.


The feminine spirit surged with the influence of Eris and Uranus in 2017. 2018 adds more fierce vision to the feminine fire that rages anew with this Sagittarius New Moon.


Words change reality and continue to enlighten perspectives even more dramatically in 2018.  For everyone, it’s a year to take a personal risk and press for what really matters to you.


You’ve arrived at this cosmic tipping point. As you step forward on the threshold of this powerfully creative year ahead, nothing can deter you from your truth.


Mercury is still retrograde until December 23. The retrograde may still stir confusion in articulating your thoughtful plans. But your will is enough to initiate what you know to be true.


Saturn will continue to strengthen your serious resolve as it moves into Capricorn, it’s home sign on Tuesday, December 19. And the light is changing with the Winter Solstice on Thursday, December 21, as the Sun enters Capricorn and immediately conjoins Saturn.


These are increasingly serious times.


And solar flares are heating up again to add even more energy to this cosmic push. It’s important to stay hydrated to process the heat of the Sagittarius cosmic fire. Water helps you to assimilate the flowing wisdom of Jupiter in Scorpio. Everything will make sense with time.


Forge ahead even if you’re confused. You’ll find the way.


There’s no turning back. Where ever you step next, step with your whole resolve.


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