Truth in the Shadow of the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, at 6:18pm PDT/9:18pm EDT/1:18am GMT)


The Sun brightens your heart with the cheerful creative boost of Leo.


But this Last Quarter Moon in Taurus brings a crisis to revise how you use what you own.


In this final week before the Leo New Moon on July 31, which occurs in the same hour Mercury stations direct, there’s more information to digest that will support a fiery new beginning in August.


With 6 planets retrograde, life feels sluggish as you look for the signs that aren’t obvious, but are urgent for you to discover.


The steady practicality of Taurus is pushing you to consider what your heart’s yearnings require.


Your resources are in question this week.


The emotional stirring that was initiated by the Cancer Solar Eclipse and last week’s Capricorn Lunar Eclipse continues to ripple through humanity.


Now in the final week of the Cancer lunar cycle, trickster Mercury, back in Cancer, meets up with Venus and has some information about a financial situation or something that’s been left unsaid and holds important value.


Venus is Taurus’ planet. This Last Quarter Moon points to a re-evaluating a physical value based on what you discover.


With Mercury in Cancer, the information you need comes from a dream, a feeling, a sign, a slip of the tongue, from the undercurrent of the personal and collective unconscious.


You know somethings. And there’s a lot of repressed information that will complete your understanding.


In the day to day conscious world, the tendency is to ignore signs from the unconscious.


Venus in Cancer brings you back to your body, your original home. What are your feelings telling you?


Integration is essential for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


If you keep focusing on what’s familiar, your perspective can move with the chaos or become rigid.


This is a week to embrace the unfamiliar. Open to the possibilities that you might not have considered. Ultimately this will strengthen you.


Awareness and uncertainty go hand in hand.


It’s not easy to let go and let the truth speak. Leo and Taurus are fixed signs that want to hold their perspective.


You’ll feel the tension of this dynamic when Venus, the planet of all that you love, moves into Leo and strengthens your ardent desires, while the Sun in Leo squares off with disruptive Uranus in Taurus next Monday, July 29.


Uranus brings surprises in the week ahead that challenge your pride.


The best way to use these seismic shifts is to feel the wave around you as you open to what this reveals for your personal puzzle.


Trust that you live in an infinitely creative universe with the potential to actualize unlimited possibility.


Inflexibility won’t help you. And a perspective of weakness won’t either. Be open to what you need to know for your most powerful evolution.


You and the will of the people are strong. What is ending is leaving. What remains is transforming into something better.


Keep holding the light of the whole truth and the results will come.


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