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Looking for answers? There has never been a more urgent time to learn more about yourself and open to your full power to create good in the world. Know your gifts and understand how the planets are activating your chart and learn how to consciously create a your greatest fulfillment.


Connect with my intuitive mind, over 30 years of astrological analysis, generous heart, healing presence and a wealth of practical experience to receive authentic, caring, honest, straight-forward insight about your life!


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Looking for insight?


Schedule a session to answer questions and get perspective on your life. Readings give clarity about what’s going on for you, based on current markers indicated in your astrological, numerology charts, and tarot, if requested.


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A 15-minute reading with Alyssa via Skype or FaceTime is perfect for answering any questions you need clarity on. Maybe it’s an important day for you? Or you just had a strange feeling when you spoke to a friend and want to know more about what that was all about? Maybe you want to know the result of an exam, interview or date? A 15 minute reading is great for clearing up any doubts.

$44 USD – Book A 15-Minute Reading!



A 30-minute reading with Alyssa via Skype or FaceTime allows more time to get clear on what’s next for you, in a relationship, job, trip, or week/month ahead. You will know the energy that can be harnessed or transformed around you, how things have evolved from prior events, and what’s next – and if you don’t like the energy in motion, how you can change it for the better!

$70 USD – Book A 30-Minute Reading!



A 60-minute session with me via Skype or FaceTime will support you in getting a full perspective of your life, your most fulfilling purpose and what life lessons and opportunities are up for consideration and growth. This reading is targeted to give you exactly what you need to move forward feeling strong and confident about your path.

$137 USD – Book A 60-Minute Reading!



A 90-minute session with me via Skype or FaceTime allows more time to fully understand your evolutionary path and what will serve your highest purpose and greatest fulfillment in this lifetime. The extra time creates space to dive into specific areas in your life that you want to understand and create greater happiness in.

$191 USD – Book A 90-Minute Reading!