I have been working with Alyssa since January of this year. I began our sessions right after experiencing a traumatizing house fire in which I lost 90% of my belongings.  Alyssa is so much more than an astrologer or a mentor – she is a divinely tuned guide who has served as a true midwife for me as I have re-birthed myself post fire.  Her steady, gentle, encouraging, and fierce support of me and my unfolding have been invaluable and have propelled me to the next level personally and professionally.  I can honestly say that my work with Alyssa has been the most pivotal experience of my entire 42 years of life and I have been shaped by it.  Alyssa has a depth of experience personally and professionally, vast training in many realms, and an exceptional intuition providing clients with a truly holistic and life-enhancing experience.  Words cannot express how transformative life can become with the guidance of such a brilliant and talented woman.  I have the utmost respect and admiration for who she in the world and how she is sharing her gifts impacting so many. ~ September 28, 2016