All That You Are with the Virgo Super New Moon

You’re getting a cosmic tune-up from Virgo in this new lunar month. 


Closely conjoined with Mars, the warrior planet, the Virgo New Moon hovers close to the Earth as a Super Moon on Friday, August 30, at 3:37am PDT/6:37am EDT/and 10:37am GMT. 


Virgo represents the archetype of the Virgin, who holds the sacred mysteries. Virgo reflects the purest essence of who you are. 


The month ahead promises a new understanding about life experiences that have affected your identity. 


With Virgo, you’re making a quantum leap in self-development. Virgo strives to learn and do better. Modest and unaffected, Virgo wants to become free of anything that hinders perfection. 


Since the world isn’t currently reflecting the highest standards, Virgo is known to be the critical sign of the zodiac, calling out what’s not right. Some Virgo influenced people are never satisfied. There’s always something wrong. 


In the season of Virgo, it’s important to remember that life can improve. While also recognizing the perfection of what is because it’s catalyzing you to improve what’s present. 


With your desire to grow, heal, and understand, you’re reinterpreting the assumptions you’ve made. 


Mercury-ruled Virgo brings attention to the details that aren’t working. Mercury just moved into Virgo on August 29 and is sharpening your wits. 


But this isn’t all about analysis. 


Deep-rooted programming has distorted your conscious acceptance of all that you are. 


With the stellium of planets in Virgo, there’s a force of practical solutions to life’s challenges being dispensed as a healing balm of understanding to integrate what you’ve sublimated. 


The Sun and Moon at 6° Virgo are close to Mars at 7° of Virgo. And both are in a trine or 120° aspect with Uranus. 


The Sun is how you shine. Your identity. The Moon raises your unconscious needs.


Mars is how you express both in the world. Uranus is the maverick planet of the zodiac. Always unpredictable, it frees you to choose an unorthodox approach. 


These aspects reveal the dynamic going on in the events of life. Trines indicate rapid development. Nothing is stopping the forceful will of purifying Virgo at work with the unexpected insights of Uranus. 


Enlightening jolts from Uranus in Taurus, in close trine to the Moon, Sun, Mars in Virgo, awaken into consciousness what has been unknowable until now. 


Your evolution is quickening. 


In this lunar month of Virgo, you’re challenging what doesn’t functionally support you while discovering new solutions that stabilize your inner resolve. 


Finally, you can unabashedly communicate your long-held needs in relationships and life pursuits. 


This Virgo stellium will affect employment, community, environment, health, and food concerns. These areas may experience new developments that impact everyone. Maybe there will be shortages. While unanticipated resources come to light. 



You’re in new territory now and the truth of what has to change will become riper and more present in the month ahead. The energy of Virgo helps you pay attention and act on the signs of what needs to be adjusted. 


And if you’re wondering, what happened to the podcast?? I got sensible!


Maybe I’ll return to it in the future, but for now, I’m working on new offerings that will support you even more. Once all the Virgo moved in, I realized the podcast wasn’t going to serve the purpose I intended. 


So, I’m happily back to your weekly written post with more to come! I’m grateful for the clarity about Astrology for Liberation that was born from it. 


I’ll be back with a September post in a few days. If you want to take advantage of the special, do so while you can, as I’m changing everything!

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