Compassionate Action with the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius on Thursday, November 15 at 6:54am PST/9:54am EST/1:54pm GMT


Energy surges as the unexpected enters your consciousness.  Ideas from the past rise to understanding. Something taboo or higher reaching is considered in a new light.


It’s been a week since you set your intentions with the beginning of the Scorpio lunar cycle.


Moon in Aquarius becomes a catalyst for you to act in a way that is uniquely radical for you.


Thursday, November 15 is an excellent day to focus on life-changing ideas and intentions. This second week of the Scorpio lunar cycle awakens you to a new perspective about something familiar.


You’re turning a corner and feeling an urgency to respond in a different way.


Personal change is subtle and difficult to observe. Consider your path. The nearly complete Venus retrograde has taught you a lot about what you really want.


Feel your passion to act on something that’s new to you, while knowing all the details aren’t clear yet.


Press for what you want. Ask for what you need to know. Mars moves into the vision of Pisces (2:21pm EST/5:21pm EST), shortly after this First Quarter Moon and will join the Moon when it moves into Pisces (8:41pm PST/11:41pm EST).


Dive deep into your harmonious dreams.


Planetary changes this week will open greater compassion in this turbulent world. Beauty inspires. Peace soothes the heart. Love is an infinite and ever-present resource.


Venus in Libra will station direct on Friday at 2:51am PST/5:51am EST and then a few hours later, Mercury in Sagittarius will challenge communications and technology with a 3 week retrograde until December 7.


Your new ideas may encounter some confusion and indecision. As long as you’re honest about your emotional attachment to certain objectives, you can move forward with your ambitions.


If you’re depending on the involvement of others during this Mercury retrograde phase, make sure you understand their interests.


Create with your newly clarified desires. Make something positive happen. Let go of what you can’t control with a massage, or a long, hot bath.


The truth flows through your feelings that you want to share with others. You have an opportunity to create more balance by acting on something important to you that helps others.

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