Sagittarius Full Moon: Amazing Grace

Sagittarius Full Moon, June 9, 2017 at 6:10am PDT/9:10amm EDT/2:10pm GMT.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius is the truth you’ve been seeking for a long time.


Amazing grace is revealed. You were lost and now you’ve found your light. You were blind but now you can see.


Sagittarius is the sign of realizing what links life together. Half human, half animal, Sagittarius understands the pull to experience the body and physical experience.


The Sagittarius Centaur also wants knowledge and the spiritual growth it reveals.


The quandary of whether to experience life or share its hidden wisdom is the drama of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is in charge of the answers for himself and everyone who follows him.


Since February 5, Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler,  has been retrograde up to this Sagittarius Full Moon. After a retrograde, a planet moves slowly and amplifies its energy and in this case, the Full Moon connected to it.


Jupiter loves abundance and expands good fortune; but when spiritually bankrupt, it loves to be greedy, and hoard more than it needs.


The retrograde phase was a beautiful time to deepen your spiritual growth and discover life’s natural abundance. If you didn’t take that opportunity, then resist the desire to grab all that you can get for the next three months. Return to your Source.


Consider Donald Trump, who was born under a Sagittarius Full Moon, which was amplified as a Lunar Eclipse. He loves his “huge” extravagances, right? But he may finally discover that wealth and power can’t buy love.


Also, the United States of America was “born” with Sagittarius rising when its identity was created with the Declaration of Independence.


Sagittarius aims high but can be tempted by doubts and rigid beliefs.


Trump mirrors the American struggle to satisfy the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while promoting the opposite.


New growth is precipitated by challenges. Donald Trump is experiencing the sobering chastening of Saturn through this summer, along with the U.S. citizens.


An insecure man at heart, he probably didn’t receive the love he wanted from his father as a child.


His wound may be reopened with Saturn in Sagittarius aspecting his Venus/Saturn conjunction through the summer.


With the United States already in crisis from the humiliation of Trump’s incompetent leadership, there may be a full-fledged threat to the country this summer with Trump as the leader. The progressed Moon of the U.S. is very close to the current Sagittarius Full Moon. It’s also close, and getting closer to Saturn.


Saturn in Sagittarius is keeping karmic consequences in check.


Ultimately, everyone’s true intentions return results. If you think there isn’t enough, there won’t be. If you think you can lie and get away with it, you’ll eventually discover the hollow truth.


This is an intense Moon that illumines your understanding. Apply the good that you’ve learned to embody the adventure you‘re here to fully live.


Let go of what’s out of balance so that you can gallop down your true path.


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