Super Leo Total Blood Moon Eclipse

The 0°Leo Lunar Eclipse is on Sunday, Monday, January 20/21, 2019 at 9:12pm PST/12:12am EST/ 5:12am GMT with the Leo Moon becoming a full 3 minutes later.


As the Sun enters the original and progressive humanitarian sign of Aquarius, the Moon enters Leo and warms the collective human heart.


As a supermoon, it’s 30,000 miles closer to the Earth than an ordinary full moon. As a total solar eclipse, its potency will have effects for months ahead.


The shadow of the Earth will totally block the light of the Moon in North and South America, Europe and western Africa and enhance the effects in these regions.


2019 is revealing its intensity with this second eclipse and first of three consecutive super full moons.


There’s no middle ground. There’s pressure to move. You’re inspired to improve situations that are excessive and intense. 


The alignment of this super total lunar eclipse with Uranus, in an especially spicy position over Washington, D.C., may prompt even wilder surprises than the norm.


Like the red in the sky at sunset, the light reflecting off the Moon appears in a blood-like glow as it’s refracted in the Earth’s atmosphere.


You may have notice how routines have been upended in the past day with the exact aspect between the Sun and Uranus, while Pluto has brought hidden details to light. This Super Leo Lunar Eclipse adds the emotional dynamic of the Moon to stir you up.


This potent Full Moon brightens the heart of the people to resist oppressive action.


What you’re experiencing right now, will become stronger later in the year when a unique setup of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto conjoin where the Sun currently is, at the end of Capricorn and the beginning (0°) Aquarius.


Compassionate solutions are needed as humanitarian crises are multiplying. People need help. This Moon brings deceptions to light that have created hardships for children and adults around the world.


Uranus, the disruptor, and ruling planet of Aquarius is the outlet of this super total eclipse. The super full Moon is “plugging” in Uranus.


The totality of the eclipse reflects the intensity of the plug. Uranus is a high voltage planet that no one can predict. It always requires adjustments.


You may feel really vulnerable and have a hard time focusing on any one thing. Try not to plan too much in the next 48 hours and generally give yourself extra time to make up for lack of sleep and not being sure of what you want to do.


Don’t make any major changes for at least the next two weeks.


Family and friends may be on edge and acting strangely. Everyone needs a break – except those who bully and try to intimidate others. Your opinion about it all makes a difference.


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