Week of October 24 – 30: Light the Shadows of Scorpio

Delve into the mysteries this week. You’ll find gems of light under the secrets of Scorpio.


With the Sun, Mercury in the veil of hidden Scorpio linking up to form the Scorpio New Moon on Sunday, you’re pulled to examine what scares you most.


Extremes of passion help you see the interconnection of everything.


You’re transforming every aspect of your life. What was lacking, becomes abundant. Where there was fear, there’s love. Your ignorance becomes understanding as the wheel of fortune turns and shows you another light.

Where you start out and where you end up at the end of the week may seem a lightyear away from the present. You are embarking on a sacred adventure!




Early flashes of inspiration fuel a deeper investigation. You are encouraged to look at the scary areas of your life. Whether it’s money, relationships, self-promotion or anything else that hasn’t been distinct and clear, you’ll get some insight on it today.


Your interpretation of life is shifting already as Mercury moves into Scorpio and then the Moon moves into detail-scouting Virgo to get a new perspective on where your inner compass is pointing.




You may find yourself trying to hold onto your illusions. Yes, you had clarity about somethings but you also need to look deeper under the surface.


Watch your expenses today as you may quickly change your mind about a big purchase, when you discover it’s not exactly what you thought. If you pay attention, you’ll get the whole story.




You’re encouraged to expand, but cautioned to make sure you have all the details. Some areas of your life are really lighting up, while others still need more attention.


What you don’t have the full story on, will haunt you and affect your peace of mind and even your health. Get to the root of what’s making you uncomfortable so that you can fully enjoy the good that’s expanding in your life.




With the Moon in fair-minded Libra, you also have the judgment to see what’s not in balance. Are you asking for what you really want? Look deeper into why this may be.


Self-love will fill your cup with the real value that you want to feel and embody. You are the treasure you’ve been looking for.




Another week ends with a forceful message. You’ve been feeling the tension of the past few weeks as harbingers of change that have been loud and obvious. Embrace and allow what is, as peacefully as possible.


You could lose the hard work you’ve already invested if you allow your anger to drive you to impulsive action. Don’t do anything fast today. Keep calm and carry on up the mountain you’ve been climbing.



You continue on your ascent by taking care of your allocation of energy. You are wiser that your years today. Practice patient self-love and look at what you’re attracting into your life for your attention.


What’s at the root of this? The Moon moves into Scorpio and pulls you deep into the significance of your relationships. You’ll know if you’re committed or if this is another lesson to remember.




Your daily existence is a limited perception of your vast reality. The Scorpio New Moon opens streams of intuitive awareness and allows you to see more of the whole picture.


What appears to be dying is really allowing something new being born. Nothing ever disappears, it changes appearance. You’re changing too. All the gifts of life spring from the womb of darkness.


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