Aquarius New Moon : Turn Up Your Inner Light and Know Your Truth

January 27 & 28, 2017


January probably hasn’t been the month you expected to start 2017.


The sluggish start from Mercury retrograde pulled you within.


With your personal insights and the electrifying pulse of changes coursing through your outer world, you’ve had to make some adjustments to cope with the energy of this new year.


Now that you’ve been fully shocked awake, you have an opportunity for a second start to reset your intentions. You can begin anew with the independent ideals of the Aquarius New Moon, which is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster.


And there’s more arriving with this New Moon.


On a large scale, there’s an attempt to psychologically manipulate you to believe things that aren’t true. Today, Mercury, planet of communication, finally moves past the point it went retrograde on December 19 and joins Pluto the cosmic composter, to transform the lies and distortions.


It may feel more important than ever to get to the real truth and facts in this “post-truth” time. Words set us apart as uniquely human. Now it seems more serious than ever to consider how words are being used to influence and not necessarily communicate visual and measurable reality.


You are shaken to free yourself from old ways and falsehoods so you’ll discover innovative solutions that will enable you to fulfill your greater purpose.


The influence of Aquarius helps you detach from the drama of life that may be getting louder in this coming week.


Also beginning today, Mars enters Aries, and pours more fuel on your inner fire.


Suddenly, you may feel the courage to move on projects that have been piling up. And if you’ve already been moving aggressively, you may feel invincible.


There’s a lot of anxious energy churning for actionable solutions. If you aim for the stars and a better way for all, you can make a significant difference to brighten the future for many.


The more deep, penetrating thought you put into your actions, the more satisfied you’ll be with the results.


With this dark night of the Moon, so close to the Sun, it’s time to turn on the all of your light. Focus on what’s really important.


This isn’t the time to have confidence in external authority.


Instead, control your own distractions and stay focused on what’s vital for your greatest accomplishments. Ease your nerves in healthy ways and nurture your mental, emotional and physical health.


There’s a reason for your inner focus. You need to think for yourself. Your personal freedom to be uniquely you is paramount.


Take a creative risk and work hard on the details. Surrender to your purpose and live your life fully.


Discover the perfection of a world where the talk is “straight” and the barriers are high. You have no choice but to enlighten your whole being and live your full truth.


Connecting with you is everything to me. I want to share my light with you hear from you and how you’re doing – even if you’ve met with me before. Let’s schedule to talk via phone, FaceTime, or Skype for a 15 minutes, soul to soul. And if you want to continue from there, I’ll offer you a sweet discount on any of my life mentoring packages.


Aspects for January 27/28:
  • Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius at 9:49am PST/4:49pm GMT
  • Moon in Aquarius conjunct Sun (Aquarius New Moon) at 4:06pm PST/12:06am GMT
  • Mars enters Aries at 9:38pm PST/4:38am GMT

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