Aries New Moon of Passionate Pursuits + Weekly Horoscope for March 27 – April 2

Monday’s New Moon in energetic Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, defines a new beginning. Consciously or unsconsciously, you’re planting seeds of intention for this new lunar cycle to unfold in the month ahead. You’re also sowing your long-term goals to be realized in the next 12 months.


This Aries New Moon is close to Venus, just as it was 8 years ago, but you’re not the same person as you were then. Your perspective has evolved along with the other planets that are also now in different positions.


Back then, Uranus was still in Pisces. Uranus is now in Aries, right next to Eris, the very active influencer in changing the status quo. Life is full of perpetual surprises with Uranus also parallel Venus. Mercury, the communicator, is also in the Aries mix and sparking greater individualism. You’re passionate about your need for freedom. You’re more driven to create and experience your desires.


Yet Venus, planet of relationships and resources, is still retrograde until April 15. Venus disappeared from the sky for some extra private time. She’s in a special 10-day phase until March 31, when she reappears as a morning star. During this time you’re looking at what works and doesn’t work in the mirrored reflections of life.


You want freedom but you also want to relate. You like your work, but maybe it’s wearing you out. Review what’s in your closet of personal resources and how each area makes you feel. Set new intentions for what you want to experience. With so many planets in Aries, change begins with you.


Dwarf planet Pallas Athena marches into Aries Wednesday to join the revolution. The dreams have been envisioned and now there are actionable solutions to get moving on. This influence adds an extra boost of energy to all of your initiatives. Life will get even livelier. You and everyone else is getting clear about what’s individually important to address.


By Thursday, you have the resources to support the understanding of your personal power. However, for us all to get along with our strong individual forces, mutual respect and integrity will be the moral code that’ll allow our peaceful coexistence. Anything less will self-destruct.


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You feel the urge to be with another. All that’s wrapped up in your passions is both willing and resistant. You want things your way, yet relationships demand balance. How can you check your willful stance and open to other surprising, but exciting options? You’ll have more fun if you let go and follow your passionate fire to what it lights up for you to experience. Otherwise, you might too hot for anyone to handle. Including you. Don’t flame out now. Put your perspective on moving forward into a bold new horizon that doesn’t bring the pains of the past.



You’re feeling outwardly solid and able to handle anything. There’s a lot going on in your unconscious mind that you need to assimilate to move with your full power. When things come up at work this week, stick with an affirmation of your strength to keep from self-destruction. It’s not easy to lay low when you’re feeling so potent. Movement wastes your energy if you don’t have a clear destination. Your inner reflections are your treasured resource right now. So hum along with any red flags, they’re natural distractions and won’t keep you from what’s really important.



You’re not your light self these days. Maybe it’s because you’re feeling life a bit more intensely? You can put on a pleasant face, but within you, emotions are churning. Mercury is now in its shadow phase before it goes retrograde in about 2 weeks. The push to actively meet the needs of your friends and group endeavors isn’t going to let up. But how you fit it all in and get the answers you seek will — in April. In the meantime, find some entertainment that uplifts your soul. You’ve had a whole lot of information to process.



You’ve been busier than is comfortable. So many demands and it’s all important. Life will take a toll on your tender body if you don’t give yourself some space to be and rest from the stresses of the world. You’ll be busy for a while, so set up more time for you, while you can. Your career is getting some unexpected boosts that may have you clinging to the old ways. Why do that? Yes, it’s more comfortable, but in these times, you need to find comfort in the discomfort. That’s where your growth is happening.



Amid the strangeness of everything, novelty is your guiding light. You definitely need a break, but it won’t be the usual. There’s information that needs to be shared that excites and expands your mind. This would be the perfect time to commit to a book or a publishing venture. Your mind could travel while you retreat from the craziness of the world. Words are your fascination right now and so many want to hear what you have to say. So make sure you get your downtime because your adventurous life is just getting going.



Your life is changing and it’s not a subtle shift. You’re ready with the mandate and are exploring new ways to adapt. This will all be good, once all the benefits are explored. You’re more free to be. You know who you can trust and who you can’t. You’re feeling more alive with the raw energy that’s coursing through your life. What you’re evolving into is open to your definition. What do you really want? Write those thoughts down with the date. You’re going to see it materialize faster than you ever thought possible.



A new era of relating begins, and it’s going to be a lot like what you’ve recently been experiencing, only maybe a little bit more liberating. Not much shocks you these days. You’ve observed so many unprecedented actions. The extraordinary has become almost commonplace. This is actually a mirror of your leaning toward a desire to shake up your life and bring in some fresh new perspective. Since it’s already in motion, it’s a good idea to set up some guidelines of expectations to avoid total disruption. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.



The work never seems to end, nor do the fools. The solutions are in the details. Probe your inner guidance. It’s more intelligent than you can explain. You’ve never been afraid of work and there’s plenty of it to dig deep into. Your challenge is to create better systems to amplify your efforts. You’ll be working on this for a while. Take everything step-by-step and drill in as you do. Flexibility? It will come in handy as you navigate this wild wonderful world. Some people just don’t know any better.



Follow your creative impulses and look for the meaning. With Jupiter, your bountiful ruler, making its second square with the deeper truth of Pluto, you’re looking at what really serves your creative process. You want it all and yet when it comes down to it, your personal truth can’t be ignored. Everyone’s being forced to be honest with this influence. Consider what’s going down for you and how you’re finding a way to integrate all that’s vital for your soul into your expressions. It’s not one or the other, the solution is the inclusion of what really matters.



Your moral, physical and emotional integrity is at stake. A moment of discernment has arrived for you to create a new promise to yourself for the next eight years. Your life has been an evolutionary tale for a while now. You know the answers, but are you applying them to the changes needed in your home and very visible life? It’s really up to you. You can let stuff pile up or you can handle each item with your full attention. If it supports your long-term security and it means something to you, it’s a top priority. The other stuff probably doesn’t matter as much in the long term. Let it go.



Your rational mind continues to entertain you with wild ideas that demand review and understanding of their larger implications. Time to yourself is important, yet selfless sharing of your understanding is seeking a way into your communications. You cannot be above it all and find refuge in an ivory tower somewhere. Your practical concerns are meaningful in the metaphors they demonstrate. Somehow, all of the parts of the beautiful whole are speaking to you. Share those messages with others. Those around you have been waiting for you to speak.



Your compassionate approach to the world always needs reflection to make sure you’re effectively moving with your dream. What you may not see is how you empathically absorb the energy around you. This is a good week to check who those people are. Are they warriors with you on your journey or is their war taking your energy for fuel? You have to take care of yourself to do your good works. Even if that’s only acknowledging what you really need to feel peace.


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