Scorpio New Moon: Listen to the Truth of Your Inner Fire

For millennia, cultures around the world have celebrated this time of year.


The veil between the seen and unseen worlds is considered very thin at the end of October and beginning of November.


Costumes, candy, and luminous fire brighten this time when it’s thought that departed souls to return home to share their messages.


Neptune, the intuitive visionary planet, enhances the other-worldliness of this time. Your perceptions are clear and you can trust your inner vision to inspire your way.


The invisible realms are far more extensive than you thought.


The penetrating intelligence of Scorpio helps you decipher what you’re receiving. You’re able to interpret the unspoken influences around you more easily.


Body language, feelings, sounds, and other vibrations speak so clearly to you this month.


The Scorpio New Moon sets the stage for a pivotal month of change.


As your outer world becomes more difficult to comprehend, you’re looking for another way. You are being guided to listen to your truth and hold on to it, no matter what.


We’ve been undergoing a long phase of individual and collective transformation. These changes have gained momentum and are intensifying the need to evolve.


No one has been exempt from these wild times. We are all in this together and we’re able to find solutions with other like-minded souls.


But the thrust of this pressure is for you to follow your personal message and where it wants to take you. If you’re realizing how passionate you are about a subject, you’re getting the message.

There’s a little more breathing room in the month ahead.


In the center of chaos, you’ll feel a growing peace by trusting your inner voice.

Speak your truth and affirm your grace and surrender on the path you’re inspired by.


If you go with the flow of your vision, life will be so much easier. Resist what has to change, and you’ll be very uncomfortable.


You are tougher than you know.


You’ll get through your frustrations and disappointments this month. You’ll see how what you resisted, actually brought you to the root of what you needed. You’re making huge shifts and allowing your truth to come to light.


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