Week of October 31 – November 6: Follow Your Intuitive Knowing

Dark sky and spooky stories enhance the intrigue of the week.


The recent Scorpio New Moon expands your perception over the month ahead. If something isn’t going right, trust it’s a blessing in disguise. Seriously. You are supported by so much more than what you see in your material life.


Ask for guidance and then listen to the messages you’re receiving. If you find yourself agreeing but countering with the reason you’re still holding on…take a break and reread this message.

Use this week to trust and explore your intuitive mind.


Set up something to write or record unusual events or communications.  See how it fits together with what was catalyzed from the circumstances. You’ll be amazed to see the whole story and realize how connected you really are.


This came up for me during the hour of the Sunday Scorpio New Moon. While in yoga, I realized I’d locked myself out of my locker. I left class and realized I had to hire a locksmith to break my heavy duty lock. It was easy to call a locksmith, but I sure didn’t welcome the expense.


I wondered about the meaning of the timing. As I was figuring out who to call, I mentioned it to a sweet woman, who quickly offered ideas to help. Once my lock was off, she asked me about what I do and I offered to look at her chart.


A surge of information came through for her that was exactly what she needed to hear to encourage her pursuit of something she’d been thinking about. My small inconvenience supported her empowered knowing. She was able to receive the insight that would’ve been delayed if we hadn’t had a reason to speak.


The same is true for you. When something happens out of the ordinary, you don’t need to worry about how it will affect you negatively. What’s more important is your grateful watchfulness for what this means for you. Be curious about every aspect of life this week. There’s so much magic in the air!

Comment below about your experience with the Scorpio New Moon on October 30, at 10:38am PDT/5:38pm GMT. Intuitive awareness is very strong this week! I’d love to hear what flowed through you.




Confront your worst fears now with the Moon in Scorpio digging deeper to find peace with the truth. You’re tired of being afraid of the future and you want answers. Keep digging until you discover what feels right for you.




Dream away and capture your visions. You may feel vulnerable and afraid of what looms ahead. Remember that you will know what you need to know. Life supports you beyond logical reasoning. Have faith in the ways you can expand your life.




With the Moon in Sagittarius, you may need to rein in your wild inner centaur and focus on your responsibilities. You can detect the thoughts and patterns that are limiting your passionate visions.



This week has a trail of intuitive messages to keep you going. You may have a lot of ideas that need your grounded perspective to grow. The Moon moving into Capricorn at the end of the day will help you organize your time and commitments.




You might be working overtime on Friday and that’s feels right to get things done. You’ll still have the time and inclination to let that go and let the electric surge of Uranus offer some pleasant surprises for the evening.




Don’t let yourself return to your routine. You know you need to try something new. If you need to get the same job done, find a new way to do it. And you see how life is changing, yet it’s not so scary anymore.




Juno moves into Sagittarius until February 2. All commitments will need freedom to make adjustments for life during this time. More than ever, you want to be around others who see life like you do. At the same time alternative perspectives excite you and make you wonder what else there is to discover.


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2 thoughts on “Week of October 31 – November 6: Follow Your Intuitive Knowing

  • Simran Kaur

    It is spooky that almost exactly at the time you mention, I heard an Abraham Hicks channelling that said “You want to be happy so badly do you want to be happy that you must drop all your opinions about the things that make you unhappy”. With that came the aha moment and I switched my opinion on a family member instantly and the dynamic between us shifted that same evening. Going to apply this everywhere 🙏🏻