Work With Me

Looking for uplifting energy to support you in aligning with your full purpose to create the life you want?

5 Compelling Reasons To Work With Me To Energize And Expand Your Life:

  • I’ve poured my heart into spiritual thought, divination, and consciousness to assist others with over 30 years of professional readings and coaching (read About Me to learn more).
  • I’m internationally recognized for my generosity of spirit, authentic integrity, wise insight and accurate guidance.
  • I’m a potent presence of positivity, honesty, and practicality. I’m a restorative guide and I’m committed to holding space for your accelerated growth.
  • I’m dedicated to giving you the answers, insight, and comfort that you are not alone with the tough stuff of life.
  • I’ll guide you to fully understand yourself and your unlimited power to create the life you love!


Revitalize Your Life & Open To MORE With All That I Have To Share With You:

Soul-Centered Readings with Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot

Connect with my intuitive mind, generous heart, healing presence and a wealth of practical experience and receive authentic, caring, honest straight-forward insight about your life and how you can make changes with grace and confidence!  Book A Reading!

Life Coaching as Your Cosmic Coach

The planets turn and your life circumstances evolve to for you to experience all that you’re here to learn and accomplish in this lifetime.   When you work with me on any of my life mentoring packages you’ll understand which trends are affecting you and how you can use the information for your benefit and increase your confidence, joy, and freedom. You’ll feel better, clearer, energized to express more of yourself and expand the areas of your life that are important to you. Openings are limited. Book A Mentoring Package!